Brigg at Christmas & Jumping in Muddy Puddles!

Hello and welcome back to the blog! How’re you? This week has been not too bad asides from the fact that i’ve contracted a cold from somewhere – the second one in a month – and i’m still nursing and ear infection that saw me revisit the doctor and get some antibiotics. I don’t think we’ve spent many hours struggling […]

I Can Do This! – This Week We…

This week has been eye opening and I realised ‘I can do this’ with looking after 2 under 2’s.2 day’s a week Stewart works from home, meaning I get a limited amount of help with the babies. Another 2 days of the week I usually see my mum, meaning I have one day a week where I am completely on […]

Lincoln At 1 Month – Baby Journals

How the bloody heck is my baby already a month old? A month in and I am still completely in my own little baby bubble, I am so in love with Lincoln and his little face. I am so happy with how Minnie has adapted and how caring she is towards her little brother and it just fills my heart […]

Fireworks and Museums! // This Week We…

Hello and welcome back to the blog! This week has been CHALLENGING when we weren’t visiting fireworks and museums and has been host to a whole load of emotions. I spent the whole of Wednesday crying, lack of sleep, a raging outer ear infection, cough and still recovering from my C-section whilst looking after a new-born and a toddler was […]

A Family Of 4

Just over 2 weeks ago our family turned into a family of 4 sooner than we expected. If you read Lincoln’s birth story that was published last week you’ll have seen that i was scheduled to have a C-section on the 20th October but I actually went into labour 5 days prior to this date. If you’d like to read […]

Lincoln’s Birth Story

I am currently writing this on the 20th October 2021 – The day I was supposed to be going into hospital to have my planned C-Section. Little Lincoln though had other plans and came early so instead of a Pregnancy Journals final instalment, I thought you’d all probably much rather read about Lincoln’s Birth Story. Lincoln’s Birth Story. Wednesday the […]

Meet Winston The Cat // This Week We…

Welcome back to another weekly chat on this miserable Monday. I am currently writing this up on the day just before I go to my consultant appointment about my c-section in 2 weeks time. Minnie has been poorly this week, giving us more than one fever to deal with. Other than that, let’s meet Winston the cat. (poet over here.) […]

Why Is Everyone Ill? // This Week We…

Hello and welcome back to the blog. How are we all doing on this fine Monday? This week has been strange to say the least as everyone’s been getting ill again. I don’t know why but there’s so much illness around at the moment that nobody catching a break, apart from me, I don’t seem to be getting ill with […]

Autumn 2021 // Our Bucket List

Autumn 2021, IT’S HERE! My most favourite time of year and this year it’s just going to be even better because I’m going to have a tiny baby and hopefully a new house too. When we were in Wales a couple of weeks ago now my dad told me it smelt Autumny outside and when I got outside and smelt […]

The Last Of Summer// This Week We…

Hi and welcome back! How ya doing? Welcome back to another weekly update, it literally seems like only yesterday I was writing the last one, for some reason, this week has absolutely rocketed past, We’re so close to Autumn officially being here now that this week is going to be known here as the last of summer. The Last Of […]