◈ 03/09/17

◈ 03/09/17

Monday 28/08/17

Last night we went out, me and Stewart came home early compared to my brother and his friend and to be honest its a good job too because of half way to Gainsborough this morning Stewart through up. I don’t even know how we were home by midnight and he wasn’t even drunk. He blamed it on the out of date yogurt he had for breakfast. Who actually goes out their way to eat a moldy yogurt and expects to not have any repercussions from it. Anywho, we went to the seaside today, Mablethorpe to be precise. It was a beautiful day and we all had a lovely time considering the absolutely god awful circumstances surrounding the day. By the time I had got home, I was absolutely exhausted but there was no early night on the cards, not at least until Game of Thrones had been on and watched! 

Tuesday 29/08/17

Another early start this morning. Me, Stewart’s mum and sister are all going on an adventure to Leeds today to visit the Emmerdale studio experience. The drive seemed to take a lot longer than it actually was however, I think that is mainly down to the fact I was trying to keep my tired self awake. I soon woke up though when I found myself in a cute little deli, eating the best chicken and mayo wrap I have ever had!! We were soon in the Emmerdale studio and honestly, it was so good. I don’t watch a lot of Emmerdale but, the experience was awesome and being a creative mind myself and being into anything photography or media related, I absolutely love to be nosey in finding out what goes on behind the scenes to create the things we watch on the TV it’s really quite interesting. 

Wednesday 30/08/17
I woke up after a good 9 hours kip, still feeling shattered. It takes it out of me being an active little soul. I planned to do absolutely nothing today and actually enjoy my time on my own. Until my brother showed up, He had been enrolling at college, DRAGGED me to Tescos in order to get some brownies. (I joke) I wanted the brownies. We then sat and binge watched The Tick for a bit until mum picked him up.  

Thursday 31/08/17
I spent the whole day today lounging watching really crappy American TV shows on YouTube for the whole day. I didn’t want to do anything. I am deeply depressed about the concept of going back to college on Monday. Therefore I am going to make the most of sitting in my bed, doing absolutely nothing and I was going to enjoy it and that I did. 

Friday 01/09/17

1st of September! We officially see the first day of autumn this month!!!!! *YAY!*. Went to Gainsborough today, shock! Stewart was off work so it’s generally what we do in order to not spend a ton of money to keep us occupied. It was an alright day I got myself some bits and bobs and can now finally say that I am completely ready to go back to college on Monday. Not mentally ready though. I don’t think I ever will be. The rest of the day is gonna be chill. We went for breakfast today, nan’s treat where we learned just how much she loved Jon Snows bottom. “oh yeah, Jon Snows bum” thanks to a would you rather Jon snows bum addition on BuzzFeed. 


Saturday, the day I got my shit together and scheduled posts for the upcoming week. less than 2 days away now is the first day back to college and I want to make sure I’m as little distracted as possible so I have made sure I have plenty of content to be posting, unlike I have this week where I have completely neglected both of my blogs in order to wallow in self-pity. I am over the self-pity now though and am ready to get on with shit and boss my last year and get myself a degree.


Nothing but cleaning.


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