◈ 27/08/2017

◈ 27/08/2017


Okay, so Monday didn’t go to plan. We were supposed to go out together today but unfortunately, some things got in the way of that. However, that meant I was able to go home and work on my blogs and getting organised. I have 2 weeks today until I go back to college so it’s absolutely vital that I get organised and prepared for trying to keep my blogs going alongside trying to pass deadlines. I did purchase some more house plants today, which made my very happy. 


Wilko’s was selling Ivy for £1.50 so I got myself 2 Ivy plants for the conservatory alongside two other plants just to fill in with the ”cluttered” vibe of the room. The majority of my house is quite cluttered less but for some reason, I feel more inspired to do something creative when I go in my conservatory, it’s so mismatched and cluttered with much different craft stuff that my little brain goes nuts!


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Tuesday 22/08/17

I have managed to somehow get myself into a mind set I particularly don’t like to be in. I want to get prepared and be prepared now. I don’t mind working through all the tasks that allow me to be organized and ready for college coming up managing my time effectively in order to continue with getting blog posts up on time, however, I hate how long it takes. I end up thinking about 10 things at once that I want to do now, all at the same time so it gets done quicker.  I have currently been writing down blog post ideas that I want to work on over the next couple of weeks.  Why I chose to start a second blog I have no idea when I have my final year coming up at college.

 I have been working on my blogs all day and I hopefully will have them both ready for a post to be published tomorrow and might be able to spend the evening reading my book. I’ve hit a mass amount of stress again regarding college and them not really listening or ”reading” what I am writing in my emails regarding my grades. Somewhere, someone has fluffed up and right now nobody is taking responsibility for it, or giving me an explanation which is really grinding my gears and not making me want to return at all. 

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Wednesday 23/08/17

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. What do you have in store for me? Not – a – thing. I’ve spent the day rearranging my bedroom. Making it a bit more comfortable and cozy. I have so much to do before I go back to college that I wish I had started it all a month ago so I didn’t find myself spending 16 hours a day working towards something or other I probably won’t have the time to do once I get back into the swing of things at college. 
I uploaded a blog post today on my photography blog, If you’re interested in photography I would seriously recommend checking it out.  I did some pictures with my Fuji XPro-1 and a cheap Fujian CCTV lens all the way from Japan and the results are lovely; it has such a nice depth of field. 
Image was taken with Fuji XPro-1 with 35mm Fujian CCTV Lens.
Thursday 24/08/17

Today was a day trip to mums, which you’ll already know if you’ve followed previously, however, if you’re a new reader (HEY!) won’t know that I love going to my mums. I love spending time with the family and having that childlike bickering between me and my siblings. Today was a good day all round I’d say; Mum had her induction at college ready to start the next chapter of her life and Andrew passed his exam. The spirits have been high. I spent the majority of the day at my nanna’s house, having a root through her cupboards like I always do. I told her it was her mission to find me a special ‘witchy’ box for all of my spiritual stuff, being crystals, dried herbs and my special book that I am currently searching for. 
It’s also been nice to take myself away from a rectangular screen. I have spent the last 4 days staring at a computer screen, keeping myself occupied and honestly I started to become a tiny bit obsessive with everything blog related; which is great, however, it was getting to the point where I didn’t want to sleep anymore.
After a few hours away from the laptop, I feel fab and ready to rock again!
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Friday 25/08/17

I woke up this morning with the full intention to spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing but blogging stuff; however, my bezzy bud Caitlin suggested we had a blogging day; which was music to my ears and one thing lead to another and we ended up in search of photography props for flat lay blog photographs. We are not ashamed.  I had an absolutely lovely day and went home feeling more motivated than ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photographs today asides from the one for my photography blog; feel free to go and check it out;
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                                                        Saturday 26/08/17


Today I spent the day in Gainsborough again. I didn’t get much time to spend time with mum on Thursday because she had her college induction and was taken up for the majority of the day, however, we made up for that time today and did a bit of retail therapy.  I thought it would be very quiet at mums at the moment due to Gaz being away and Nik & Tommy are at their dad’s, but surprisingly it’s not that quiet. That is because Eli is a live wire. Absolute ball of energy. Speaking of balls of energy, my chakra crystal balls arrived today and they are the most divine little things I have ever seen!!!
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Sunday 27/08/17

Sunday, the day I’m not going to want to end because I am not ready to have one more week left before I go back to college yet, which is surprising considering I’ve had much longer than 6 weeks off. I thought by this time I’d be desperate to go back but seems not. Today will mostly consist of cleaning and getting the house semi presentable for our overnight guests. (my brother and his friend, they’re going partying in Lincoln and need a place to bunk!) I’ve been invited to go out with them, but right now I’m not sure whether or not I will – I probably will go out – but I’m not sure. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my wonderful soon to be in laws a very happy 1 year wedding anniversary! 




I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week this week.



Stay happy!
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