◈ 5 Reasons I cannot Wait For Autumn

◈ 5 Reasons I cannot Wait For Autumn
Why Autumn is the best time of year- One of the most loved times of year asides from Christmas, wouldn’t you agree? Chrisp golden leaves carpet the floor, the crisp air feels fresh on your face the moment you step outside.
Darker evenings.

There is nothing better than settling down after a tough day of college shutting my curtains and lighting some candles and fairy lights around my house. This is something I feel completely unable to do whilst the evenings are still light, I feel like I am missing something and want my curtains open at all times! Snuggling down on a dark evening with a blanket and a hot cocoa is honestly the best feeling and it gets my heart racing with excitement just thinking about it.

Big coats and big scarfs!

I can’t be alone in saying that putting on a coat and an oversized scarf to go outside in is one of my favorite things that I look forward to about winter? I have so many big coats and I shall be digging them out the loft soon to celebrate the first day of Autumn that is legit just coming around the corner.

Autumn walks


The colours of autumn are just beautiful aren’t they. Even the browns are visually pleasing to the eyes at this time of year. Who doesn’t love to embark on a conker picking session to see who can find the biggest conker and then go home and put them to the test as to which one is more mighty?
The excitement of Christmas being just around the corner.

Everybody loves Christmas, but nobody loves how much Christmas costs, so being in limbo with the autumn months and having Christmas a couple of months away leaves you to get excited about it without the added stress of spending all that money. Don’t get me wrong, I love spoiling my friends and family but when your family is as big as mine you legitimately need to take out a mortgage in order to buy them all one gift each!

Halloween and Bonfire night
Why Autumn is the best time of year

Two of my favourate occasions to celebrate in the year. Halloween because I get to dress up and it totally be ok and bonfire night because of so many many more reasons; toffee apples, sparklers, and pretty fireworks! The smells around this time of year are seriously delicious!!

I’m pretty sure everybody has their own reasons for looking forwards to this autumn season, another one of mine is dull and dingy days. I love the aesthetic of them. Being all cosy and tucked up at home listening to the rain on my conservatory roof, it’s the best thing in the world asides from the smell of cut grass. I would love to know what you’re most looking forwards to when it comes to the Autumn season, list me some of your faves below!!


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