◈ How I Spend My Alone Time

◈ How I Spend My Alone Time


When I am with people I find my brain working at 100 mph. I am thinking about so much stuff all the time that my little brain gets tired and needs to rest.

I have set aside one day where I spend time with myself and just enjoy the peace and quiet and tend to hardly touch my phone in that day and communicate with the world via technology. However how I spend my alone time really depends on the type of week I have had. Here are some of the ways I spend my alone time.

The Bubbliest Bath
I love to have the longest, hot bubble baths in the world. There’s nothing better than settling down into a divine bath and reading a magazine, book or literally just stalk social media. Stalking social media is one of my favorite things, Pinterest is my ultimate fave, it gives me so so so much inspiration and feels!

Cleaning / Decorating The House
Cleaning and decorating I find amazing ways to cleanse my head of annoying re-occurring thoughts or feelings. Cleaning / decorating allows me to focus on the task at hand instead of things that I cannot control or do anything about, do you know what I mean?

In Bed Binge Watching Movies/Youtube
This usually comes after a busy, potentially draining a couple of days. More likely comes after being out partying or two family days out. It’s just the time I need to re-cooperate after a mad energy spends.

Being Productive
If I have had a potentially boring and slow moving week, I tend to find myself tending to any college work I have to do or any blog posts to write up. Sometimes I feel so refreshed after a good productive mad sesh. There’s no better feeling than feeling like you have actually achieved something.


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