◈ The Longest Week // 10/09/17

◈ The Longest Week // 10/09/17

Monday 04/09/17
I love a good Monday morning. A much earlier start this morning compared to what I am used to but it felt good to be up and awake. It was very autumnal when I got up, I really liked it and couldn’t wait to start with the adventures of the day, not that I was doing much asides from enrolling at college. Once enrollment was done, I had to go and do a food shop – which is always a complete and utter ballache. Does anyone else hate food shopping as much as me?

I have my brother staying with me for a few days whilst he is at college, as the evening progressed I decided to take him on a walk around the bail gate, Pokemon hunting. It gets us out and walking. Due to the time of year it gets really dark now and Andrew makes it so entertaining when you start telling him ghost stories because he becomes a big jumpy thing. Every little movement he jumped out of his skin. We tried to get some spooky stuff to happen to us tonight but unfortunately, we had no such luck, so we went home and had an awesome hot choccy!

Tuesday 05/09/17

Today was so autumnal I was completely in my element.  I went to help my nan look after the lil bro Eli today whilst mum was at college. We didn’t really do much due to the rainy weather asides from toy hunting in charity shops and minding the lil man.

We then went out on the town, this is happening a lot for me at the moment. I don’t usually like going out because I find it extremely boring, and when the music is so shite at the moment, you don’t really fancy going out listening some utter crap, but I’ve really enjoyed going out recently and I especially, enjoy being able to experience the dancing of my sister again. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Wednesday 06/09/17

Thursday 07/09/17
First day back at college where we actually got stuck into our work. Considering I was dreading it I left college today feeling excited and motivated to start getting my teeth back into the work. I swear people think I’m a bit loopy for being excited about being back, but there’s nothing I love more than expanding my knowledge and skills for something I want a career in, in the future. When I returned home from college, I was shattered, literally just vegged on the sofa all night scrolling through social medias and watching YouTube, standard.

Friday 08/09/17
It felt good to get up early again this morning and go to college. I have an idea floating around my head that I am completely and utterly in love with and I can’t wait to make that idea a reality and display it at my end of year show. The excitement is what is going to get me through these next few months. I was more tired when I arrived home today than I was yesterday. I honestly felt as though I’d had no sleep or rest for like a week. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before 10 pm. I got two new lenses today and sold 3. Out with the old and in with the new and all that.

Saturday 09/09/17
I woke up this morning feeling refreshed so I took advantage of that and did another thorough clean and move around of the house. So there’s not really a lot to talk about for today. The weather’s been pretty odd today and the cloud formations have been incredible, I honestly could sit and watch the clouds all day long, they fascinate me and are gorgeous. I managed to get some pictures with my new lenses today, nothing majorly creative, just little snapshots from around the house on my cleaning journey.

Sunday 10/09/17
Today we went to spend the day enjoying Heritage day, but unfortunately, Lincoln is shit. Cathedral was closed off, hardly anything was available to look around and honestly, it was absolutely awful. Don’t travel to Lincoln for its heritage day because it’s awful.


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