10 Months Old Baby – Minnie-Jean

10 Months Old Baby – Minnie-Jean

10 months old baby, already? Jeepers, I’m 2 months away from having a one-year-old, an official toddler. I can’t quite believe it. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.

10 Months Old Baby

10 months old baby

I feel like there’s not really a great deal to update you all on this month asides from the fact that her character is ever-growing. She’s dancing, to everything and anything with a good drum beat. She’s even got her own Spotify playlist now. She’s waving profusely and has taken quite a liking to pointing.

The best thing at the moment is the moment she wakes up, she stands up in her cot, waves at us, points and then starts bobbing up and down like a mad head meaning you always start the day with a smile.

She’s a lot more vocal than she has been in the past coming months too! She now can say mamam. Everyone’s trying to throw some other words into the mix. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

She’s also mimicking a lot, It makes communicating with her a lot more fun, we spend most of our day singing at each other, blowing raspberries and then sounding vowels at each other. It’s really quite a hoot.

8 months old baby

She’s still absolutely potty about animals and adores her trips to the park and finds the squirrels and ducks very amusing. She’s also looking extremely scruffy right now, her hair is growing rapidly and in every single direction. Stewart keeps telling me to chop it but I don’t feel like it’s time for that yet!

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