10 Things I Miss From Childhood – Pt 1

10 Things I Miss From Childhood – Pt 1

Childhood. We hated being a child back then but there comes a time when you’re really wishing those days would come back for more reasons than one. I’ve got 10 things I miss from childhood that made it so carefree and fun. There’s more, and they will be coming in a part two so stay tuned for that!

10 Things I Miss From Childhood

  1. Old School Colouring Books
    Colouring books just aren’t the same today as they were 15 years ago. I did however, manage to find one that was a little retro in the poundshop which is what inspired me to write this post. I must remember to actually pick up an old school style colouring book soon, for old time sake.
  2. Riding On A DIY Motorbike
    I don’t know who else would have done this but my brothers and sisters and I used to put cans or crushed up bottles on the back wheel and as the wheel spun, it would give off a motorbike like sound. We all used to whizz up and down the street like mad, thinking we were majorly cool on our pushbikes that sounded like (really bad) motorbikes.
  3. The Excitement Of Erecting A Paddling Pool
    How fun was it when our parent’s got out the paddling pool. The smell of the rubber, getting in our costumes way earlier than we should have because we thought the pool would be ready straight away and constantly asking our parents ”can we get in now?” Ah wasn’t it bliss!
  4. The Weekends & School Holidays
    No weekend’s hit like a weekend or school holiday when you were a kid. Was there anything better knowing that you didn’t have to go to school for the next few days or weeks? Nope.
  5. Playing In Bushes
    Can you imagine how weird it would be if as adults we still goofed around in the bushes? As a child it’s a completely innocent act but once you get past a certain age it’s just something that becomes hugely weird.
  6. No Responsibility
    Ahhhhh, the days when your biggest responsibility was keeping your pet rock alive.
  7. Christmas
    Self Explanatory right?
  8. Halloween
    And this one too? Christmas and Halloween are not the same as an adult as it was as a kid. Again, the fun and excitement surrounding them, planning your costumes, eating all goodies possible because it was the only few times of the year that you could.
  9. Nursery
    Nursery was ace. I absolutely loved nursery as a child, the smell the most. Ah I’d love to go back for one more day and be able to play with all the equipment. Paint, water play, sand pit and soft play and then finishing off the afternoon with juice and biscuits.
  10. Family Time
    Holiday’s, days out, or just sitting down for a meal together with your parents and siblings. I miss it a lot.

What do you miss from childhood?

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