18 Month Update – All About Minnie-Jean

18 Month Update – All About Minnie-Jean

A year and a half of Minnie, Our firstborn little girl. I’m honestly absolutely flabbergasted about the fact that the whole of her life has been spent in some kind of isolation or lockdown period, with her being only 2 months old when Boris lead us into a fully-fledged national lockdown, how mad is that? Let’s get to the 18-month update.

18 Month Update

18 month update

Words She’s Saying; Birdie, Mamma, Dad, Daddy, Nan nan, Hey, Hiya, Hi, Ta, Yeah, Blippi.

Can Show Us; Her head, her feet, her toes, so and so’s Belly. Her Blanky and Dummy, Where all the animals in the house are as well as mummy and daddy. e.g: Where’s the dog? She will point to the dogs. She can also tell us what sounds a cat makes, a dog makes as well as the sounds monkey’s make.

Favourite Games; Chase, Peek-a-boo/Hidey boo!, Dizzy Dolls.

Favourite Songs; Nightly – time online, Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits

18 month update

Favourite Foods; Strawberries, cheese and tomato’s.

Favourite Things To Watch; She adores watching Blippi, Cocomelon and shows that sing head, shoulders knee’s and toes. I see her trying to point to all the bits of her body that they do. When I try to do it with her she’s just not interested. I’m clearly not as interested in these kids tv professionals.

Loves; Playing with older cousin as well as independently with her dolly. She loves brushing her teeth as well as jumping all over daddy. Adore’s animals the most.

Testing Boundaries; I find myself telling her no an awful lot, most recently she’s stopped stopping what she’s doing and continuing to do it to see where it gets her which is usually taken away from whatever she’s doing or put on the naughty step considering the severity of what she was getting up to.

Personality; Comedian, leader, bossy, kind hearted, lover of attention, affectionate, explorer daredevil and creative.

We’ve also been learning how to draw circles recently and hold a pen correctly. She’s starting to really get the hang of it now. She’s a quiet learner, at first you think you’re wasting your time but then she will randomly surprise you in a day or two with having picked up that skill sooner than you thought.

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