◈ 27/08/2017

  Okay, so Monday didn’t go to plan. We were supposed to go out together today but unfortunately, some things got in the way of that. However, that meant I was able to go home and work on my blogs and getting organised. I have 2 weeks today until I go back to college so it’s absolutely vital that I […]

◈ Living With 13 Pets

24 years old, living with my partner and over the 4/5 years that we have lived together have managed to work up the collection of 12 furbabies. I say we lightly as it is mainly me, I am the one obsessed with anything fluffy that also has a pulse. We have 2 cats, Nanny(6) & Caspar(2). 2 Dogs, Noah(4) & […]

◈ Q&A – Get To Know Me A Little Bit.

When have you felt most free? I always feel most free when I am at the seaside. I love the seaside but the particularly quite secluded ones are the best. What do you do when no one’s looking? Dance and sing legitimately like nobody is watching or listening. It’s THE BEST therapy. I’m far more ________ than people suspect. Aware. […]