Hello Sunshine – Week 21!

Hello Sunshine, and welcome back to the blog. How are you doing? This week I’ve had my sister here to stay for a couple of days, mainly to watch Minnie whilst I get a few bits and bobs packed away into boxes. I managed to get 3 boxes filled and also 3 bin bags filled too. I’d say that’s pretty […]

Hellish Cumbria Trip – Week 19 & 20

Hello and welcome to the weekly check-in post. How are you doing? This past couple of weeks Stewart went back to work after nearly 4 weeks off and I was kind of dreading it because I’d got used to having the help with Minnie but it actually turned out to be a lot easier when he went back to work […]

A Very WET Week! Week 18

It’s been an incredibly wet week here in Lincolnshire this week. Usually, I’d really love a soggy rain-filled week but due to Stewart having time off work, we like to get as much done as possible, usually, that means getting outside and adventuring, due to the weather though, we couldn’t get out much. A Very WET week! There’s really not […]

Out and About – Week 16 & 17

Hello, you lot! Again, another double weekly simply because I’ve been having so much fun out and about that I’ve completely forgotten how to write and compile a blog post together. The last couple of weeks has literally been full of Drama – not my own – and a lot of adventuring and photographing and it’s been wonderful. Out and […]

IT’S A BOY! Pregnancy Journals: Week 13 – 17

We’re well into the second trimester now and the feeling sick has gone and food is becoming our friend again. There’s one thing that I forgot to mention in my last pregnancy journals post, I very rapidly went off red meat. Mince and especially steak, which was hell for me when Stewart decided all he wanted to eat was steak […]

Baby Number 2- 12: Pregnancy Journals Weeks 3-12

If you’ve been following my social media’s you’ll already know about baby number 2 currently brewing. I found out very early I was pregnant, I got a very faint positive test 10 days past Ovulation and that was only 12 days after my last period. It appears I’m one of those odd balls who ovulate as soon as a period […]