5 Songs For Bad Mental Health Days.

5 Songs For Bad Mental Health Days.

My 5 songs for bad mental health days. You know the days, when you wake up with no desire to get out of bed, no desire to do anything apart from lounge around and ‘feel sorry for ourselves’. We each have things that make us feel a little more human, for me, I like to go and do my make up blocking out the world and listening to my music, or painting.

My Songs For Bad Mental Health Days / Playlist

“I get a little inside my head, and I don’t know why
Feeling like I might as well be dead, it’s fine
I don’t sleep, but I try, sorry didn’t reply
Been busy wasting time online
Still settling in this modern paradise
I get a little inside my head, but I’ll be fine
I get a little inside my head, yeah I’m alright”

Nightly – Time Online

“Am I me through geography?
A face collapsed through entropy
I can hardly speak
And when I try, it’s nothing but a squeak
On the video, living room for small
If you can’t survive; just try”

The 1975 – I Always Wanna Die Sometimes

“I stepped outside, it hurt my eyes
Well, what do you expect when you’ve got no mind!
I searched all day, it drove me insane
Where would I be if I was my brain?”

The 1975 – Ballad Of Me And My Brain

“And he said “I’ve lost my head
Can you see it? Can you see it?”
Bellyaches while you’re in bed
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?”
The 1975 – Lost My Head

Some people prefer music to be everything positive when they’re having down days but for me, I find the most comfort listening to the song’s that really resonate with me, which all of the songs on this list do.

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