9 Months Old Baby Journals – Minnie Jean

9 Months Old Baby Journals – Minnie Jean

9 months and 9 months out, how time flies. It literally only feels like only yesterday that I was pregnant with Min and now she’s been here for a whole 9 months and honestly, I’m loving every minute of it.

She’s insanely active now and it amazes me every day how far she’s come, how well she eats her food and how quick she’s developing. When people tell you that ‘they grow so fast’ they’re really not lying and it’s not until you actually have the little bean that you understand just how much truth is in that statement.

9 Months Old

Minnie as you’ll know if you’ve been following the baby journals is crawling and can move pretty swiftly however, crawling wasn’t enough for her and she very quickly after crawling started standing, pulling herself up on anything that would support her. The stairgate is her absolute favourite. From the stairgate came the sofa and has now started to stand independently without support a little bit more, it’s only a matter of time before she’s walking without support.

She’s now walking with her walker and gets extremely giddy when she does so, usually rusulting in a little tumble but that doesn’t stop her getting back up and continueing to get to her desired destination, usually, daddy!

9 months old

Food has become a lot more interesting for Minnie too now. She’s eating a lot more normal food if you like, We’ve given her sandwhiches and yorkshire puddings this food and generally gone for a more baby led weaning approach to her everyday eating routine. She’s started eating with us at dinner time and I think she certainly enjoys that more, I know I do because I don’t have to share my dinner with an overly curious baby.

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