A Damp Autumn Walk & Why Looking After My Little Brother Has Made Me Realise I Am Not Ready For Kids.

A Damp Autumn Walk & Why Looking After My Little Brother Has Made Me Realise I Am Not Ready For Kids.
 Happy Monday. I love nothing more than looking after my youngest Lil bro after all-time with family is precious, so when I get to pair looking after him as well as embarking on an autumnal walk around the local park you can imagine how happy I am.
Elijah is one of the most intelligent children have ever met, meaning he has to constantly be busy doing or watching something, soaking up every little detail of whatever it is he is doing or watching & he has a memory of an elephant. So we decided that today, we would go on a walk around the park and find some squirrels. We found a lot of squirrels, none of them wanted to really play or say hello until we were about to venture home, we met a very friendly lil guy and we named him Dave.
Little humans fascinate me on all levels, Eli more than others and not just because he is my brother, none of my other brothers have complimented me on my lipstick “your lipstick is beautiful.”, held my face and said ”you’re so cute Shannie!” He has such a lovely heart.
So, you’re probably wondering why I’m not ready for children?
Well, as much as it’s a blessing to see his face twice a week, I am absolutely shattered when I’ve spent the day with him and when I get home there’s nothing better than being able to shut yourself off completely from the world take an hour long bath and just chill out without the worry of little people needing you for something or other.
At this moment in time, I love spending time on my own. Something I used to hate, however, it’s the time I love the most now. It’s the time I can do what I want without any interruptions, like working on my blogs, doing my coursework or even doing absolutely nothing, so as much as it is lovely to look after the little tykes, it’s nice to be able to give them back to their parents!
I hope you have all had a wonderful Monday and that the rest of your week is full of positivity.

Until next time!





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