A Very WET Week! Week 18

A Very WET Week! Week 18

It’s been an incredibly wet week here in Lincolnshire this week. Usually, I’d really love a soggy rain-filled week but due to Stewart having time off work, we like to get as much done as possible, usually, that means getting outside and adventuring, due to the weather though, we couldn’t get out much.

A Very WET week!

There’s really not much to report on what we’ve been up to, we did venture out to my nanna’s who had some cardboard boxes for us. We went to pick them up so that we could get some junk packed away. It was a shame that the weather turned out to be so damp during Stewart’s last week off but we managed to get a few bits and bobs done, including some well needed chill time.

a very wet week

Granted, we did get a couple of days where the sun shone for us a little bit however, there wasn’t an awful lot for us to do. Minnie spent one of the days at my dads house and so Stewart and I took the most of that to sort out our very cluttered and messy spare room.

Rapeseed field near Welton

What did you get up to this week and what are your plans for the up and coming week?

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