A Week Away In Wales // This Week We

A Week Away In Wales // This Week We

Welcome back, amigos. How are we all doing? I’ve got quite a bit to tell you about! As you may have noticed the blog has been a little more quiet than usual and that’s because last week we took a holiday to Wales, to surprise my dad for his 50th Birthday. It was a top-secret for a good year and how we managed to pull it off without him finding out all of his kids would be there, I don’t know.

A Week Away In Wales

Saturday the 21st we set off on our journey, we had to arrive before dad and decorate the barn that we were staying in. Which was gorgeous, a huge table big enough for us all to sit around, a pool table which the boys and Lucy never got off of and it had a beautiful big window that treated us to the most beautiful view of the scenery outside. It also came with the use of a trampoline and hot tub. The hot tub was definitely Minnie’s favourite part, for sure.

A Week Away In Wales
A Week Away In Wales
The view from the barn I was staying in.

Sunday is when the holiday really commenced.

Devils Bridge
Sunday we took a trip to Devils Bridge. It was around 600 steps up and probably a bit ambitious for a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy but I finished it in good time with the rest of the squad, it was gorgeous and well worth the incredibly achy and sore legs I was left with for days after. Admittedly, I felt generally so good for managing it and I’m glad I did.

A Week Away In Wales
Minnie got carried the whole way by Stewart and Lucy.

You can see more photographs on my photography blog which will be linked below when live.

On Monday we went to Aberystwyth. A lovely seaside town, very colourful and picturesque. I rode on the railway up the mountain with my step mum, stepbrothers girlfriend and Minnie, whilst the rest of the group took the hike up the hill and we stopped at the top to have some lunch.

It was another beautiful day however after the previous day’s walk up 600 steps, a day just chillin’ at the barn was needed for Tuesday.

A Week Away In Wales

Tuesday was Dad’s big day. The big 50! We’d planned quite a chilled day. Dad got very spoiled and it was just a really lovely day. It was also the day that Minnie got a taste of the hot tub and fell completely in love with it. You’d really not believe the paddy we had when we took her out! There’s not really much to talk about regarding Tuesdays antics.

Wednesday we took a trip to a Nature reserve which is known for its hundreds of Red Kite’s that come to the location to feed. It was quite the sight, something quite surreal to see, to be honest, to see so many birds of prey flying around the sky above you. Unfortunately, they all came down to eat as we were leaving so I didn’t manage to get any nice photographs of the birds themselves, however, the location was gorgeous. If Minnie hadn’t shit her pants and trousers, it would have been a really lovely day overall; the shit in the nappy obviously makes the day a little more questionable. (haha)

There will be more photographs of this location on my photography blog and that will be linked below when the post is live.

Thursday we went to New Quay, another gorgeous seaside town, one known for its visible dolphins. I didn’t get to see any myself however, it was a mega beautiful location and the water was incredibly clear. If there’s one thing I’d have changed from this trip though is I’d have loved to have not been pregnant so I could have done all the exploring with my siblings, climbing on rocks and paddling in the water.

Friday, our last day, we took a visit back to Aberystwyth to check out the shops and the other side of the seaside town as on the first day that we went we stayed on one side and didn’t really take a huge look around. The second time visit really didn’t disappoint. We looked around the charity shops and then took a walk past what we ended up calling Hogwarts towards the other side of the beach.

Wales was great fun. It was a much-needed break that I needed and was lovely to spend time and bond with Dad’s side of the famalam. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and could have stayed that little bit longer to avoid going back to reality. We spent the rest of the day after exploring a bit more of the town packing and getting ready for the 5-hour trip home we were about to embark on the next day.

I took much more photographs of my family but I am unsure of how they feel about being posted publicly on my blog therefore, I am keeping them to myself. If you’d like to see any more scenic photographs, however, they’re all going to be on my Photography blog; www.shannonmoore.co.uk

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  • Great post! I love Wales, I’ve not been for ages! You’re an amazing photographer! I hope your Dad enjoyed himself. We did a little baby moon before our daughter was born to Oxford and Cambridge and I thought getting into a punt was a good idea. LOL. Never doing that again while pregnant 🙂

    • Thank you & Thank you. I’d never been to wales before either. It was a hell of a long drive but totally worth it to spend the week with the family and in such beautiful surroundings. I’ve just had to google what a punt was – You’d not catch me getting in one of those pregnant or not. I can’t swim at the best of times let alone with a melon in my stomach. Haha

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