A Whole Lot Of Learning. // This Week We…

A Whole Lot Of Learning. // This Week We…

Good morning. This week has been incredibly long but has been full of a whole lot of learning. Usually, my week is broken up by my mum coming to get me and Minnie and we spend a few hours at hers. Minnie loves it because she gets to play with people other than me who she sees all the time and I enjoy watching her bond with other family members. However, last Sunday my brother tested positive for Covid and well, that meant mum and the rest of the house had to self isolate which meant, no company for me and Minnie.

A Whole Lot Of Learning

After the bad few weeks, I’d had previously, I was adamant to not let the circumstances get me down and so, I made an extra effort to plan my days ahead of time, my mission to keep Minnie amused because there’s nothing worse than a bored toddler and I certainly didn’t want to sit her in front of her iPad with snacks for the majority of the day. She seems to be a bit of an information sponge at the moment so I wanted to take full advantage of that by doing some activities that will enhance her learning about the world around her.

About Minnie

We did lots of drawing and painting this week, my favourite activity though would have to be pinching some rocks from outside – (which she loves playing in any way) and bringing them inside to paint. We painted two rocks together and I then let her paint one solo, she then found that painting her hands and making handprints were way more exciting. I love letting her create, a part of me hopes she ends up loving it just as much as I do still as she gets older.

We attempted to learn colours. I can see the information going into her head, but trying to get her to repeat a colour to me has been the biggest challenge, but a few more sessions of learning colours via colouring and drawing I’m sure we will get there.

We made the most of the sunshine when it made an appearance and took a walk up the street, picking flowers and just soaking in the rays and surroundings, I always did this before nap time as well because it seemed to encourage her to sleep better which is ideal for me because that meant I got 5 minutes to myself to blog or get a few bits and bobs around the house done..

a whole lot of learning

Ultimately though this week she really enjoyed participating in a dance session consisting mainly of ‘head, shoulders, knee’s and toes.’

Family Antics...

Friday we went to my mum’s house, she was covid free and my brother had a few days previous gone to isolate somewhere else. We didn’t do much, just spent time chilling at mums. Eli (my youngest brother) spent a lot of time playing with Minnie in the garden and inside drawing.

Saturday, we went to the park near Stewart’s mum’s house to let Minnie blow off some steam, after that we went to Stewart’s mums for lunch. Minnie had an especially lovely time making friends with the quails and chickens.

a whole lot of learning

Sunday basically was run errands and then veg out and then chill day. We went and did a food shop and then Stopped off at Whisby for a trip to The Works and a quick spot of lunch, then came home to do a few more crafts with Minnie, before all of watching absolute rubbish on our phones and tablets. It was terribly rainy outside and I was feeling very sick of being pregnant so, what better conditions to encourage a lazy day.

Plans For The Up and Coming Week…

We have a few plans coming up this week, I’m seeing my mum and probably my nana Jean again – like I do every week – Minnie has a trip to my dad’s for the day on Thursday, which I am clueless on how to spend it whilst she’s not here but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Friday, my mother in law has private hired a swimming pool for us all to go swimming – by us all I mean me, Minnie, her, Bec (Stewart’s sister) and her son, my nephew.

What are your plans for the week ahead?

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