Autumn 2021 // Our Bucket List

Autumn 2021 // Our Bucket List

Autumn 2021, IT’S HERE! My most favourite time of year and this year it’s just going to be even better because I’m going to have a tiny baby and hopefully a new house too. When we were in Wales a couple of weeks ago now my dad told me it smelt Autumny outside and when I got outside and smelt that wonderful morning dew – HOLY HELL – Autumn mode was instantly activated.

Autumn 2021 // Our Bucket List

Autumn 2021

Have Our Baby Boy!
In October our little man is due to make his appearance and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am excited to have a baby to share all my Autumn memories with. I’d be even more excited about it if I was able to settle and get ready for him because I am not in the sense of getting everything I need together as well as a place for him to sleep.

Move House
This is the reason I am not fully ready for the arrival of little baby boy yet. We’ve been in a moving limbo for some time now and as time goes on and I am still stuck in our current house that is nowhere near hospitable for a newborn baby. My biggest fear is that we won’t move this side of Lincoln being here and that I’ll have to move with a newborn and a very fresh c-section scar, meaning my nesting was unable to be completed and not only that but I won’t be able to get my teeth stuck into cleaning and getting things organised as we move into the new place. This might actually not happen and things might move a lot faster than I’m trying to prepare myself for but as it stands, with 5 weeks left till he comes, I don’t see us being moved in the next 4 weeks.

Take Autumnal Walks – with added in scavenger hunts for Minnie.
I hope that Minnie will love Autumn as much as I do. I’m hoping that injecting a bit of fun into a soggy autumnal walk will be a tradition we do every year with her little list of things to find. I think that this year she may be a little young to fully understand what things are to actually collect but if we do it with her, I’m sure she will be thrilled to put a collection of pine cones, conkers and pretty leaves into a basket for her to take home to play with.

Make Tons of Autumn and Halloween Crafts With Minnie
It always felt weird doing autumn and Halloween crafts on my own so the fact I have someone who will love it just as much as myself to do it with this year will make it all the better. The more glitter, glue and paint the better.

Go Halloween Shopping
Just mandatory isn’t it.

Go To a Pumpkin Patch
Last year was the first time I’d ever been to a pumpkin patch and that was because it was something that myself, my mum and nan wanted to do with Minnie. This year we will have two children to go with, both of my little sproggo’s. The pictures will be TOO cute.

Autumn 2021
Minnie at her pumpkin patch trip last year

Carve Pumpkins
Is it even an Autumn bucket list if this isn’t on it?

Decorate For Halloween
The earlier I do this the better considering I’ll have a newborn and a toddler to contend with and I Can’t fathom not doing it at all.

Have A Halloween Party
Some, in fact most people would say that hosting a Halloween party would be a little ambitious after having a newborn but last year I didn’t do a party because of Covid restrictions. Halloween also is essential for us as a whole family to celebrate this year to mask events from last year’s Halloween events.

What is on your Autumn 2021 bucket list?

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