Baby Journals – Minnie Jean at 2 Months Old

Hi! Gosh, we’re on the second baby journal already. I can’t quite believe it personally but here we are.

So as you may have read at the end of last month’s baby journals that you can read here Minnie started cooing at 4 weeks old, which made her all that cuter. Well in this instalment I get to announce that Minnie is smiling now, and it’s not because of wind! We’ve finally been blessed with those real smiles. (We read that babies start smiling anywhere between 6-12 weeks).

Minnie has been premature with all her other milestones like lifting her head, being super strong in her legs and cooing her little head off so it’s no surprise that she started smiling a couple of days before she turned 6 weeks old.

She’s also, whilst giving us those gummy little smiles, we occasionally get those adorable baby giggles. We’ve only had a couple but luckily my dad and sister in law experienced them so I have a bit of back up when I say that she’s already laughing. I read that babies don’t tend to laugh until 3-4 months old so the fact Minnie is only 2 months old, she’s really coming on a lot quicker than we thought she would.

We’ve both also had our doctors checkups. Minnie is currently at 8 weeks old weighing a healthy 10lb, doing everything she should and growing nicely and me, my scar has healed nicely and everything is almost back to normal.

Minnie also has had her first set of immunisations and let me tell you, that is not nice to experience. To see your baby in pain is honestly the worst thing. Luckily, she didn’t suffer too much after the jabs themselves. We were warned she’d probably get a slight fever and to keep her topped up on calpol and that we did, luckily she slept all the way through until the next day, even with a slight fever over the night and we didn’t have any problems in settling her or her being in distress which made the experience a lot easier.

Her routine is pretty much like clockwork now, she settles down to sleep at night anywhere between 12-1am and sleeps until 6am-7am (sometimes 9 am if i’m lucky! Although the past week she’s been waking every 4 hours even through the night.) during the day she wakes every 3 and a half to 4 hours before waking for her next feed. Due to her routine being pretty cemented, I’m starting to feel much more confident when taking Minnie out. Before I was quite nervous of taking her for a trip to Tesco because I wasn’t sure when she was going to wake for a bottle because her feeding was all over the place where as now, it’s much more solid meaning we can get her out the house more.

Thanks for reading the second instalment of the baby journals. Minnie has settled into the world nicely and I cannot wait to be able to do more with her but right now I’m savouring all the baby cuddles I can get.

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