Baby Number 2- 12: Pregnancy Journals Weeks 3-12

Baby Number 2- 12: Pregnancy Journals Weeks 3-12

If you’ve been following my social media’s you’ll already know about baby number 2 currently brewing. I found out very early I was pregnant, I got a very faint positive test 10 days past Ovulation and that was only 12 days after my last period. It appears I’m one of those odd balls who ovulate as soon as a period ends.

Baby Number 2

baby number 2

The first couple of weeks of pregnancy dragged and I experienced some unpleasant things whilst waiting for the ‘safe’ period to come around. I’d go to the toilet and see blood, but there’d actually be no blood there. This happened a few times and it wasn’t pleasant. I took all of my vitamins and looked after myself as much as I could.

This pregnancy has been so similar to my pregnancy with Minnie. I’ve felt sick, a lot has turned my stomach but nothing has actually made my physically vomit and that I’m thankful for and I’m not going to lie but I feel extra jammy that I’ve had a second pregnancy with no vomiting, especially since my best friend is pregnant too, a month ahead of me and has had a hell of a time with it. Due to feeling sick with almost everything I lost a bit of weight which meant my bump showed itself a lot quicker than i’d have liked.

I thought it was a myth when they said that you showed quicker on your second pregnancy but after googling it now makes a lot of sense as to why you show sooner with baby number 2. Everything’s already stretched and ready to be home to a baby again.

The only other symptom I got other than the feeling sick was sore boobs. Which got more sore as the pregnancy progressed and most annoyingly, Minnie decided that they were great for grabbing to help assist her moving across the sofa or bed.

My first midwife appointment, they told me I was a week earlier than I had worked out myself, which mean’t my scan actually came around on 13 weeks and 3 days so, you’ll have to wait until my next post to see that one.

I’m feeling completely more relaxed this pregnancy because everything is already put in place, a c-section is happening again and I don’t have to worry about explaining my reasoning for it and whatever else.

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