Let’s Catch Up – Week 14 & 15

Ok, so I’m a little like to posting which has resulted in me having to post about 2 weeks in one post, which isn’t that bad really because not a lot has really been happening so let’s catch up. Let’s Catch Up It’s been an odd couple of weeks, over easter my sister caught coronavirus and that meant that my […]

My Bullet Journal April 2021

I’m going to admit, I hardly used my bullet journal in March. I found I had absolutely no motivation to do anything last month and I’m hoping this month I can do something to change that! So here is my Bullet Journal April 2021! My Bullet Journal April 2021 I’ve kept the sections quite small this time when doing my […]

Chilled Week At Home – Week 13

Hello! Welcome back to the blog. I’m currently working on my blogs so you’ll have noticed that I’ve been a little bit quieter than usual, most definitely not posting as much. Chilled Week At Home This week has been much better than last. Minnie is much better and has finally beat her cold, I’m feeling better mentally, however I am […]

Post-Lockdown Plans

Lockdown #3 is hopefully coming to an end pretty soon and I am counting down the days, I’ve started really laying down Post-Lockdown Plans for when the day comes that we’re allowed to do more things. Post-Lockdown Plans First thing’s first – Rule of 6 is back in a couple of days and I’m so excited to be able to […]

Poorly and Stranded – Week 12

This week has been a stressful one for sure. We’ve had a poorly babe, we found ourselves stranded over half way to Gainsborough by the side of the road and I ended up catching Minnie’s cold! Poorly and Stranded This week has been an absolute exhausting one. Tuesday night Minnie showed signs of developing a cold, Obviously as well during […]

Mothers Day Celebrations 2021- Week 11

Hello, you lovely lot. Here I come to tell you about the mothers day celebrations 2021 we got up to this week. Not that there was an awful lot of them, to be honest. I feel a lot for mothers day like I do valentines day. It’s just commercialised and I’d much rather not have to spend the extra cost, […]

We Lost A Pet – Week 10

Hello and welcome to week 10! I feel like it’s taken us ages to get into double-figured weeks this year. We are now in March. We are in the month that Spring is officially launched. Everything is about to get much more beautiful outside. We didn’t get up to much at all this week, we lost a pet but I […]

My Daily Routine Toddler Edition

Hey & Welcome to my daily routine toddler edition. Before I had Minnie so many people would tell me I’d not have time for cleaning and getting myself ready in the morning, let alone blogging and exercising. I admit that some day’s it’s a struggle and I don’t have time to fit in everything I’d like to do without a […]

My Bullet Journal For March 2021

Hello and welcome back to the third bullet journal post! Are you enjoying these posts? I found myself to be quite lazy with my journal towards the end of February so I’m hoping I can get to be more days with it again. So, let’s get into my bullet journal for March 2021. My Bullet Journal For March 2021 I […]