Welcoming The Sunshine – Week 9

Hello and are you with me in welcoming the sunshine this week? I’ve certainly enjoyed a weekend of beautiful sunshine and I don’t know if you’ll know what I mean but it’s actually smelt like spring outside, do you know what I mean? Welcoming The Sunshine This weekend I got out more than I have on previous weekends. Friday me […]

February Round-Up 2021

Hello and welcome back to the blog. Another month over and done with, but that’s alright because the weather is starting to warm up, we’re seeing longer and brighter days, it’s utterly glorious. So, let’s get into the February Round-Up 2021 February Round-Up 2021 I turned 28 this month, (I had to think about that then!) it was alright, not […]

March Goals 2021

March is here! I love March. It’s the host to the first day of spring, pretty flowers and blossoms are budding everywhere you look and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful months of the year for sure. Everything is just new and super fresh and because of that, let’s set some fresh new goals for the month! March Goals […]

5 Songs For Bad Mental Health Days.

My 5 songs for bad mental health days. You know the days, when you wake up with no desire to get out of bed, no desire to do anything apart from lounge around and ‘feel sorry for ourselves’. We each have things that make us feel a little more human, for me, I like to go and do my make […]

Feeding Squirrels! – Week 8

Good Monday morning everyone. How are you? We’re week 8 into 2021 and honestly, This year is so far dragging and I’m not complaining, the past years have gone far too fast to even fathom. Feeding Squirrels! This week has been busy! I’ve had my brother around a lot (He’s part of my support bubble!) He’s been using my Laptop […]

A Baltic Week – Week 7

Hello and welcome back to the blog. How are you? If you’re UK based how are you dealing with the cold weather? It’s been a baltic week. I for one haven’t enjoyed it but forced myself out for a walk over the weekend to get my blood pumping a little bit. I needed it but I didn’t want to be […]

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Don’t cry over split milk means that there’s no point in being upset about things that have already happened and cannot be changed and many of us could probably do well to take this advice but sometimes that is easier said than done, especially if you find yourself like me and like to ruminate. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk The […]

Turning 28 – Week 6

Turning 28, you never feel any different do you when you turn a year older, the only thing that really changes I guess is your attitude changes towards your actual birthday. I certainly don’t feel any older than 15, just way more mature. Turning 28 The week leading up to my birthday was incredibly dull, like it is for everyone. […]

Goals For February 2021

Hello! It’s the second-best month of the year! (October is 1st because of Halloween!) Second because it’s my birthday this month. To keep me above the water, I like to tell myself that we are one step closer to being back to normal and free to do as we please. One thing that I am free to do as I […]

A Chilled One – Week 5

Happy 1st February everyone! The longest feeling month is over, how are we all feeling towards the rest of the year? I’m hopeful that things are going to start looking up from now onwards and life is going to start going back to normal pretty soon. A Chilled One This week has felt insanely long, The weekend couldn’t roll around […]