Walking 10 Miles: Week 2

Hi, and welcome back to the blog. How are you all doing? It’s been an odd week around the UK so much uncertainty still about what we can and cannot do, it’s turning people against each other and turning almost everyone into the Covid police. One thing that we know we can do (Although the news this week would suggest […]

The Fika Concept

The Fika Concept is all about taking the time to slow down and show a considerable amount of appreciation for the good things in life – It is an important staple in Swedish culture and is a state of mind we could all benefit from more. If there’s ever a time to write about slowing down, the start of January […]

Decluttering and Dog Walks: Week 1

Hello and welcome back. I am here with the first weekly update of the year 2021, Decluttering and Dog Walks. I really love posting weekly and chatting to you about what I got up to over the course of the week and so I’m bringing it back and hopefully, I will stay consistent throughout the whole of 2021! Obviously, we’ve […]

My Bullet Journal For January 2021

My Bullet Journal is my therapy at the moment. I first started journaling back in October 2020 and due to the fact I’ve enjoyed it and actually been able to continue doing it, creating a habit out of it, I thought that I’d share with you my bullet journal for January 2021. My Bullet Journal For January 2021 I purchased […]

January 2021 Goals

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year despite restrictions; however I hold no judgement what so ever if you didn’t follow rules because quite frankly, you’d have done what’s best for your mental health I’m sure. Let’s get into January 2021 goals. January 2021 Goals Blog: Post consistently, that’s the only […]