Life Update 03/08/2021

Hello! I stopped writing my weekly posts, I don’t know if you noticed but every week was beginning to be the same and I was struggling to write them. I love updating you guys regularly, I enjoy the method of reflecting on my week and seeing it back. So for now, here’s a life update, to keep you up to […]

How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

This is a very, very hard post to write, the number of times I’ve tried to deal with suicidal thoughts and have had a close family member experience them too, and even act on those thoughts is scary. It’s not something I find very easy to speak about but then I want to in case you need that little bit […]

5 Songs For Bad Mental Health Days.

My 5 songs for bad mental health days. You know the days, when you wake up with no desire to get out of bed, no desire to do anything apart from lounge around and ‘feel sorry for ourselves’. We each have things that make us feel a little more human, for me, I like to go and do my make […]

Hugging Day 21 January

Today is National hugging day. Who knew that during Hugging Day 21 January 2021 hat we wouldn’t be able to hug our loved ones? Can you think of anything better right now than hugging your loved ones? Hugging Day 21 January I’m not much of a hugger at the best of times to start with but there’s just something about […]

The Fika Concept

The Fika Concept is all about taking the time to slow down and show a considerable amount of appreciation for the good things in life – It is an important staple in Swedish culture and is a state of mind we could all benefit from more. If there’s ever a time to write about slowing down, the start of January […]

9 Ways To Be Happier Today

Sometimes we have those months, weeks and days where it’s just impossible to feel happy. That’s ok, we all experience it, sometimes a little more than we’d like to so here I am bringing to you 9 ways to be happier today. Some of these may work wonders for you, whilst some may not. Never the less, they will most […]

Confessions Of A Misanthrope

What is a misanthrope? A Misanthrope is someone who has a general dislike of humankind and tends to stay away from human society. Keep reading for my post on confessions of a misanthrope. Confessions Of A Misanthrope As far back as I can remember I’ve never trusted or felt comfortable around people that I wasn’t friends with for a considerable […]

Mental Health Quotes – My Top 5

I don’t know if any of you reading this do the same but, when I’m feeling particularly delicate or thoughtful  I take myself on a journey, usually through Pinterest looking for quotes that relate to however I’m feeling or quotes that really speak to my soul. Pinterest is by far my favourite place to go quote hunting too. I find […]

Increasing Good Vibes

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve not posted because I’ve been taking some well needed time out for my mental health, You may have seen on my Instagram that I’d ventured on an involuntary and extremely unwelcomed downward spiral in terms of my moods and have been quiet across all social media platforms because of that. I made the […]