My Daily Routine Toddler Edition

Hey & Welcome to my daily routine toddler edition. Before I had Minnie so many people would tell me I’d not have time for cleaning and getting myself ready in the morning, let alone blogging and exercising. I admit that some day’s it’s a struggle and I don’t have time to fit in everything I’d like to do without a […]

Autumn Bucket List 2020

It’s Here! Autumn!! So in order to celebrate I will be sharing with you my Autumn bucket list 2020! I’m hoping Autumn isn’t as much of a flop that the majority of this year has been and hopefully, despite the hysteria still around we will be able to make something good of it. The first Autumn with my little bean, […]

Storm Glass – How They Work

Have you ever seen a storm glass? Maybe you know it better as a weather predictor. I first discovered these wonderful little contraptions about a year or two ago and instantly fell in love with it. Not only was it pretty to look at it was absolutely fascinating watching the follicles in the device changing every day. A storm glass […]

A 12th and a 21st Birthday.

Hello & welcome back. This week hasn’t exactly been fast moving, in fact it’s been extremely slow and that’s due to Stewart’s days off taking at the very end of the week due to him opening a new Vodaphone store in Gainsborough. So most of the week was spent sat in the comfort of my own home, redesigning my blog, […]

5 Tips To Self Improvement

Self development or personal development is all about constantly growing and flowering as a person. The timeline of personal development is life long and not something that you can achieve over night. It takes willpower and a lot of learning about ones self and others around you to self develop. Development can go in one or two ways, you can […]

Things That Made Me Smile In May

Hello and welcome back to another things that made me smile post. I really enjoy doing these post’s because I think it’s important to acknowledge the positives in your life. May has been a relatively busy month and there’s been quite a lot that has made me smile too. Whether or not I can remember them though, that’s the real […]