Family Memories And The Blues

Family Memories And The Blues

This post is coming from a really personal perspective. I woke up this morning thinking of old memories and usually, they’d make me smile looking back but this time I’m just disappointed and sad.

Family Memories and The Blues

I’m scrolling through Instagram and I see a picture from Coniston Old Man in Cumbria and all of a sudden the memories from our family holiday there came flooding back to my mind. It was the first ever mountain I climbed and honestly, times seemed a lot happier back then. There were no family feuds and mental health wasn’t such a massive cloud of doom hanging over our heads. Since this trip, many many years ago now a lot has changed. Some don’t speak and many have worsened in mental health since, me being one of them.

Focusing on the negative’s of memories isn’t going to help negative emotions, however, if you’re a sufferer of mental health you’ll know that it’s really not easy to control what your mind wants you to think about or feel.

Family trips are no longer like they used to be. The older children are all grown up and getting even harder to pin down due to work commitments, relationships or friendships. Whilst all of the elements are important I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time with family unless of course, that family gives you negative vibes. (avoid them at all costs!) 

Before we go any further with this post, ask yourself these questions;

  • Are you happy with the relationship you have with your family?
  • Could there be relationships that require a lot more of your attention and time?
  • Would you be happy with the way things were if something were to happen? (If you were to lose contact or a family member, would you be happy with the way it was left?)

I don’t need to preach to you about how short life is because chances are you already know and that you’ve lost someone close to you, that you weren’t expecting to lose so soon.

I love my family with all my heart, admittedly, as there are in every family there are the problematic members, (some would probably say that would be me because I speak my mind and if somethings bothering me, then you’re gonna know about it whether you like it or not and it’s obvious that people don’t like that.) Some may not be putting in as much effort as others, some might be developing stronger relationships within the family causing jealousy, it allll happens.


It’s completely normal to feel sad, bitter and angry instead of happy when you look back at memories, but ultimately we really need to think about it and just be thankful that those memories happened regardless of whether something similar is happening today and if you ask me, I think that it is completely possible to get back to those places, providing other people want to get back to those places too.

If they’re bad memories that are completely impossible to think happy thoughts about, think about how that particular memory/memories have helped carve your life into the beautiful thing it is today.

Ultimately, life is a gift and unfortunately, a lot of us take it for granted or unfortunately it’s the most precious gift that gets taken from us in the most horrific ways.



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  • I LOVE the flowers from the field! It is so important to create memories. It is the experience we can reflect back on and it improves our overall mental health. Though, the questions you bring up is something we should consider. There are times when we are 100% with our families and others when we really shouldn’t be together at this time.

    Nancy ♥

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