February Round-Up 2021

February Round-Up 2021

Hello and welcome back to the blog. Another month over and done with, but that’s alright because the weather is starting to warm up, we’re seeing longer and brighter days, it’s utterly glorious. So, let’s get into the February Round-Up 2021

February Round-Up 2021

february round-up

I turned 28 this month, (I had to think about that then!) it was alright, not bad considering how birthdays tend to go during lockdown. I got to spend the day with my little girl so I was happy. Valentine’s Day came soon after, but we don’t celebrate that here.

Feb actually dragged for me to be honest, considering how short the month is, it seemed to last forever. I don’t like to wish the months to move faster past because life moves too fast already without wishing days past. I am leaving February feeling very much so ready for spring and picnics in the park with loved ones. It’s so over due now and we need it more than ever.

I lost myself this month. I’d gone into the year with massive motivation and inspiration, however that, just like it does most years lost motivation towards the end of the month.

Take a read back week by week what we got up to;

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