Feeling Movements! – Pregnancy Journals: Week 18-22

Feeling Movements! – Pregnancy Journals: Week 18-22

22 weeks pregnant already and I don’t even know where the time has gone. My first pregnancy went fast but this one is just travelling at the speed of light. I’ve not really thought about being pregnant as such these last few weeks, however, I did become increasingly worried about not feeling movements like I did with Minnie and I’ve come into some more difficulties than I did with Minnie’s pregnancy but nothing massively debilitating.

Feeling Movements

feeling movements

I’ve found during this time that I’ve started struggling bending down. This is something I never had with minnie, I stayed quite agile when I was pregnant with Min, I could move fast, I didn’t feel pregnant and bending down to pick something up most definitely wasn’t an issue, this time I’ve not been so lucky. Bending over has been a problem, so has running out of breath very quickly compared to usual, having asthma, in the middle of some of the hottest days this year certainly doesn’t help.

I had my 20 week scan during this time. It’s always nice to have that reassurance that baby is doing well and progressing as they should, I also got to see that he is in fact a very lazy little boy in there. I remember seeing Minnie at scans and she’d be like ‘Hey, I’m here! I’m ready for my close up, where do you want me?!’ A typical photographers daughter for sure, however this little dude is on a different scale. He did not want to be disturbed at all.

As I hit 21 weeks I started to feel more movements, certain movements. I also managed to capture a glimpse of my belly doing a little jolt. I didn’t forget how ace these feelings were and I’m very excited to welcome the alien belly morphing stage back!

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