Getting The Engine Running // This Week We…

Getting The Engine Running // This Week We…

2022, 10 days in. It’s not been terrible. This is the first time in a hell of a long time that I’ve been so content with not doing anything and sitting in my house. Not all of the time was I sat in though. Now that I live around the corner from my nan we regularly make visits, I’m sure she’ll get sick of me eventually.

Getting The Engine Running

Stewart returned to working from home from his Christmas break last week so that meant that we -kind of- returned to the usual routine. It’s nice having Stewart work from home more because he gets to spend a lot more time with the kids but how, someone please tell me how the house gets a lot more messy and cluttered & chaotic when he’s at home than when he isn’t?

I’m still struggling a little bit to get into a routine here at our new home. There seems to be less to do in terms of cleaning and everything seems to be easier and it’s really throwing me off, I can’t wait to finally be used to this whole new lifestyle – literally. Getting the engine running again has been tough, It’s like I’m still waiting for the dust to settle after a really big sneeze, slowly but surely though I’m starting to find the time do blog, parent and set time aside for myself.

getting the engine running

We went to Stewart’s mum’s Sunday just gone for early 2nd birthday celebrations. She put on a platter of food and we indulged in some chocolate cake which meant that Minnie got to really embrace and bring out her inner Bruce Bogtrotter (you’re only 2 once!) Bless Minnie though, she had no idea why she was given more gifts and even said ”Ho, Ho, Ho” clearly thinking it was still Christmas.

getting the engine running

It’s been a nice start to the new year though. Very chilled and less hostile. It’s strange to have mental tranquillity.

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  • For me, it’s a great thing to experience mental tranquility. Nothing better than being home with a bit of peace and quite. Don’t worry! You get back in the groove and get your engine running again.

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