Glad Last Week Is Over

Glad Last Week Is Over

Monday 1st April – April Fools Day!

The first day to myself from last week’s antics. 4 days of Stewart off work really took it out of me, he’s like a little puppy and needs attention all the time. Hosting mothers day afternoon tea was stressful but totally worth it. I spent Monday cleaning and just relaxing and I actually really enjoyed it. Tod also ate his first full meal since being poorly so that was a much needed positive start to the week.

Tuesday 2nd April

Holy, MOLY! Tuesday’s horrible dull weather got me in quite the slump. Dark, cold and very wet. A perfect day to get work done some would say but me, nope. The mood to work had completely disinter-grated  and Caspar was a true depiction of how I felt on Tuesday.

Wednesday 3rd April

Wednesday was spet lounging and feeling sorry for myself, for the second day in a row. Clearly Tuesdays slump really got me bad. I was however motivated enough to get a blog post out for you to read; What I’m Hoping To Get Out Of April

Considering the mood has been really low, last week’s hard work on typing up blog posts really paid off and I thank my past self for that.

Thursday 4th April – CHORES

Thursday was spent retriving our monthly pet supplies an doing some home DIY. We decided to fit a larger catflap to our back door so that alfie could stop getting stuck in the smaller one.

We also moved our bedroom and the bunny room to different rooms in the house. I like moving my house around, it keeps things fresh. 

Friday 5th April

I was kidknapped. Taken to Gainsborough for a coffee, Stewart had to then come and rescue me so we could grab our parcel, a PET PRAM and then go and see Stewart’s mum and give her her mothers day goodies! 

Saturday 6th April

Friday evening we recieved some pretty shitty news in regards to Brady. The continental Giant that we were supposed to be picking up on Sunday. I am going to write a separate post on why we never got to pick up Brady. 

So, Saturday was spent moping again and feeling even more sorry for myself.

Sunday 7th April

I actually spent the whole of Sunday morning upset. I was supposed-to be picking Brady up this morning and now I wasn’t. I’d lost a rabbit, I never got the chance to have. I had spent money on grabbing accessories  for him and i just had to stare at them because no big rabbit was coming home to use them. 

To read why Brady never came home read the post here;

Dodgy Breeder In Ashover, Derbyshire.

That was until I found, just by luck someone else selling 10 week old continentals for a cheaper price. We called the seller, she had one left we said we wanted it and we set off to get HER!!! 

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