I Can Do This! – This Week We…

I Can Do This! – This Week We…

This week has been eye opening and I realised ‘I can do this’ with looking after 2 under 2’s.
2 day’s a week Stewart works from home, meaning I get a limited amount of help with the babies. Another 2 days of the week I usually see my mum, meaning I have one day a week where I am completely on my own with the two kiddo’s and I’ve found that quite a daunting thing. This week however, I’ve had to miss out on seeing my mum as my little brother tested positive for Covid-19.

I Can Do This!

Due to not seeing my mum, that meant I had 3 days completely on my own with the kids, trying to keep Minnie amused as she is very quickly bored was my biggest worry. I’ve got plenty of activities we can do together, but when you have a very clingy new-born it becomes very hard to get bits and bobs out for Minnie to play with. Luckily this week I’ve managed to ween Lincoln off being constantly cuddled meaning that I got to spend a bit of quality time with Minnie, learning and playing. There’s been so many moment’s that I’ve been doing something and thought ‘I am winning at this being a mum of 2’. This week has proven to me that being a mother is something I was totally supposed to do – do not get me wrong though, I have moments where things are extremely hard and I sit there thinking ‘crap this is hard‘ but I don’t want to focus on those negatives and I purposely like to make a point of pointing out to myself the good that’s happening.

The Weekend

It was Stewart’s birthday on Saturday and for once he got to choose everything we did which resulted in us getting a ‘birthday Gregs‘ and going into town, we then ended up making our way all around Lincoln pretty much to try and find a wired ps4 controller for his PlayStation and after all that he eventually got one from Tesco – which we literally visit more than twice a week!!! – and turns out he doesn’t even like it and he’s back to using the old controller. We also went out for the yearly birthday meal. We went with the MIL to a Greek and it was DELICIOUS. I’ve not stopped thinking about my kebabs since. Greek food has always been a favourite of mine ever since our Greek day in primary school when we dressed as Greeks and ate Greek foods!

On Sunday, I fancied taking in the autumnal colours. When you look out of our house’s window, you can see for miles and directly opposite there’s a golf course with tons of tree’s nearby and the colours of them all is just wonderful and I woke up to a misty, autumn landscape and I just wanted to be out in it. Once we’d finished our errands though which consisted of the dreaded weekly food shop the fog had lifted but never the less, it was still very pretty when we eventually made our way to the trusted Hartsholme park. See the beautiful photographs below!

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