Increasing Good Vibes

Increasing Good Vibes

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve not posted because I’ve been taking some well needed time out for my mental health, You may have seen on my Instagram that I’d ventured on an involuntary and extremely unwelcomed downward spiral in terms of my moods and have been quiet across all social media platforms because of that. I made the decision after having multiple nightmares and depressive thoughts to go back onto my antidepressants and it’s the smartest decision I could have made this year and now I can feel increasing of good vibes coming back into my life and my head is starting to be that little bit clearer, yippee!

increasing good vibes
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Admittedly this hasn’t been an easy time for any of us and I imagine the impact on Isolating and social distancing is affecting people with mental health problems massively and undoubtedly think that this played a part in my own deterioration of my mental health. It’s hard to stay positive when there’s a ton of negativity around you, on your social media platforms, and even radiating potentially from family and friends too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of battling with mental health and negativity from other places that would be for me to send out positivity where ever I could offer it.

Obviously, during my dark moment’s I might not be as good as to make everything rosy, but I always try to look on the brighter side of life no matter how hard I find it increasing the good vibes in life.

So how can you, as an individual increase good vibes? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Here are a few steps that I take when I seriously need a positive boost within my life.

Increasing Good Vibes

Take a break from social apps.

I find certain apps drain me more than others, It’s important to take the time to shut off from the toxic apps as much as you can when you feel like it’s getting a bit much. I had a WhatsApp break a couple of weeks ago, have even spent a lot less time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Out of all those apps, I found that I missed Twitter the most, Instagram came a close second. Facebook every time I open it is flooded with a load of crap that I’ quite frankly not interested in. Sometimes, it’s really healing to take time away from replying to those messages you’re getting and just completely shutting off from the world.

Do something you love that you don’t do often.

For example; I like to read, I don’t read much because I find it hard to find books that can really capture my attention but when I do, I love to really shut myself off from the world and indulge. I’ve found myself reading a lot more these past few days due to Stewart working from home, I look after Minnie and when she’s having her nap I like to open my book and relax.

Increasing good vibes
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Eat Well.

A takeaway or a chocolate bar makes you feel better for a short while but then you start to feel either groggy again or seriously guilty about your indulgent. Eating well, will not only benefit your physical health but emotional health too.

Allow yourself time.

This can be in any context really but an example would be, for me, I took time away from creating content on my blog and Instagram. It took me a while to fully relax at that concept and get over constantly thinking ”I need to create content” and when I finally dropped that obsessive thought, I was able to fully relax and instantly felt more positive and after a couple of days here I am writing quite possibly the longest post I’ve written in a while.

Allow yourself to think negatively if you need to.

It would be extremely unhealthy to completely rid negativity from your life completely. If you have negative thoughts, let them come, process them, and think about how you can deal with them in a positive way instead of allowing them to consume you.

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