IT’S A BOY! Pregnancy Journals: Week 13 – 17

IT’S A BOY! Pregnancy Journals: Week 13 – 17

We’re well into the second trimester now and the feeling sick has gone and food is becoming our friend again. There’s one thing that I forgot to mention in my last pregnancy journals post, I very rapidly went off red meat. Mince and especially steak, which was hell for me when Stewart decided all he wanted to eat was steak but, during this pregnancy journals post, you’ll hear about how we found out that it’s a boy!

It’s A Boy!

it's a boy

13 Weeks

At 13 weeks I finally got to have my first scan. This was when we got an incline as well that we were in fact having a boy. The sonographer said he when talking us through the scan and then after looking at our scan and going off the nub theory, I was pretty certain that we were having a little dude. I then went home and booked a gender scan for when I turned 15 weeks pregnant.

14 Weeks

A pretty standard normal week, if I didn’t know I was pregnant I probably wouldn’t even suspect I was either.

15 Weeks

IT’S A BOY! We had our gender scan with Scanlinc here in Lincoln. We did the same with Minnie. It was confirmed that we were indeed having a little boy, undeniably. It was a relief to finally know what we were having. I’d obsessed over it since the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t know if anyone else is like me but I like to know so that I can pick a name and start thinking of the baby’s room and everything else – there is also a strong element of being inpatient.

it's a boy

16 Weeks

16 weeks and the bump well and truly popped. I also found that I was noticing a lot more ligament pain recently, and way more than I ever got throughout my pregnancy with Minnie. I also had the obligatory 16-week midwife appointment this week, everything was fine so nothing much to report here.

17 Weeks

17 weeks, the back pain is in full force. I want to be more active but I pay for it as soon as I stop. I am finally eating salami again, which is something I LOVE so the fact I can eat it again makes me very, very happy. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I can’t bear certain things to eat but it’s very rare.

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