Lincoln At 1 Month – Baby Journals

Lincoln At 1 Month – Baby Journals

How the bloody heck is my baby already a month old? A month in and I am still completely in my own little baby bubble, I am so in love with Lincoln and his little face. I am so happy with how Minnie has adapted and how caring she is towards her little brother and it just fills my heart with so much love that I just cannot fathom it. Lincoln at 1 month is not what I was expecting. I remember it being easier with Minnie.

Lincoln At 1 Month

lincoln at 1 month

To say I have a clingy baby would be an understatement. Some days I feel like a complete prisoner to the smallest little man. There are literally days where I cannot put him down without him crying and being completely unsettled. However, as we are entering the second month of him being here, he is starting to calm it with the neediness and I am getting much more moment’s to myself – kind of – moment’s to myself to spend them with Minnie playing with something or learning something new.

Whilst Lincoln’s needy, he is also very content and has a wonderful temperament. He still has an abundance of hair on his head and I just cannot stop touching it. He feeds well, every 3 hours on the dot and takes 120ml. Whilst his smiles are at this point put down to having ”wind” I am certain we’ve had a good few that haven’t actually been wind. He’s adapting to the world so well.

We are still waking during the night for feeds but he stays very sleepy and goes back off to sleep after his bottle meaning we do get a decent amount of sleep, sure it’s disturbed but it’s sleep – who’s complaining at that?

Thank you for reading Lincoln’s first baby journals post. Stay tuned for next months!

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