Lincoln At 2 Months – Baby Journals

Lincoln At 2 Months – Baby Journals

Here we are, 2 months of being a boy mum and so far it’s being a real treat, more tiring this time round than it was with Minnie but as always, looking at your babies face in those tough early wake ups just makes up for everything not great. Especially when you’re greeted with the most beautiful, cheeky real smiles. Lincoln at 2 months is a real treat.

Lincoln at 2 Months

Along with those beautiful gummy smiles, we have the most adorable little coo’s. It’s starting to become much more fun to communicate with him now. When Minnie was an infant it was like trying to get blood out of a stone to get her to crack a smile so it’s been so lovely to have Lincoln smile when he see’s me or I give him a little ‘boop’ on his cheek with my finger.

He’s also starting to sleep for much longer periods of time. We’re almost getting through a full nights sleep now which is great. Minnie was around 2 months old when she started sleeping through so the fact he’s almost sleeping through is a blessing. It’s literally been much harder with those lack of sleep nights this time round with a toddler to contend with too.

As with his feeding he is still eating little under 120ml every 3 hours – Minnie fed every 4 hours. 3 hours however, feels lilke nothing and I literally feel like you sneeze and those hours pass by.

Lincoln really enjoys his baths just like his big sister, so just like the rest of us siblings of the world, I thought i’d introduce them to their first bath together. Minnie LOVED every second of it and she was so loving. Keeping him warm by gently pouring the water over his belly and then rinsing his hair after i’d washed it. Seeing her be so loving with him just warms my heart in ways I didn’t even know was possible.

Thank you for reading the 2 month update.

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