Lincoln’s Birth Story

Lincoln’s Birth Story

I am currently writing this on the 20th October 2021 – The day I was supposed to be going into hospital to have my planned C-Section. Little Lincoln though had other plans and came early so instead of a Pregnancy Journals final instalment, I thought you’d all probably much rather read about Lincoln’s Birth Story.

Lincoln’s Birth Story.

Wednesday the 13th I’d done a massive shopping haul, I bought myself new bedding, because It’s always nice to come home from the hospital after having a baby and getting into completely fresh bed sheets, I’d bought storage boxes to sort out Lincoln’s clothing and a ton of cleaning supplies. I was in a complete nesting mindset. I spent the whole day shampooing carpets, making my bed and sorting out all of Lincolns clothes.

It’s Thursday the 14th of October. I’m feeling extremely fed up with being pregnant, I’m emotional and incredibly overwhelmed with everything. I was constantly googling early signs of labour so I knew what to look out for, just in case, the time came before October 20th. Which honestly, I didn’t think was going to happen at all, but then something just told me to keep on reading about early signs of labour for the past week. I spent the day cleaning again and making sure things were in some kind of order. I’d sat down for the evening to write a list of everything that needed doing for my own peace of mind before the baby came and I ended up getting extremely stressed out and found myself having some ‘weird’ belly ache. I didn’t think much of it, put it down to how I was sat and shortly after went to bed at around 10:30 pm.

11:30 pm rocked around and I’d not slept much because I had regular, mild back pains. I’d had them before so I just put it down to the baby being sat funny as I could feel him placed right into my pelvic area. I tried to sleep through it but I couldn’t. It didn’t even occur to me that I could be in labour but I monitored and logged the waves of pain in an app as I’d done with all the pains I’d had in the past week. It was around midnight time when my partner noticed I was uncomfortable and asked me what was wrong, I explained what I was experiencing to him and he felt my belly contracting and told me to get hold of my mum. I was extremely apprehensive at this point. I was adamant I wasn’t in labour and that it was probably just practice contractions again but I messaged my mum anyway – who wasn’t up and didn’t get up until my sister who luckily was up went and woke her. My partner then called the hospital to get their advice, at this time I was still logging my pains and the App I was logging them in told me to get ready to go to the hospital. After a brief phone call with my mum, she was soon on the way from Gainsborough with my sister Nicola who came to look after Minnie.

At The Hospital

We got to the hospital, we were taken into a private room where they hooked me up to a monitor and it was all pretty fast and a total blur from there. I had to take 2 covid tests, my antiacids and then before I knew it I was in the theatre and having my baby. Everyone was super friendly and completely understanding of my ‘weird’ needs.

The operation actually was a lot better this time, when I had Minnie I had no idea what to expect so my blood pressure ended up quite low during the process but this time because I was more relaxed and knew what was coming and it made the whole process a lot easier, asides from the fact that they seemed to have a bit of trouble getting him out by the way they were tugging and pressing down on my stomach to try and get him out, they even had to to get forceps out to help.

Lincoln was then born at 4:33 am weighing a diddy 6lb 12oz on the 15th October 2021 with a ton of hair and the tiniest feet I’ve ever seen, completely different to the bald and big-footed Minnie.

Lincoln's Birth Story

My heart has never been so full of love. I love my babies more than anything and I am so excited for the future.

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