March Goals 2021

March Goals 2021

March is here! I love March. It’s the host to the first day of spring, pretty flowers and blossoms are budding everywhere you look and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful months of the year for sure. Everything is just new and super fresh and because of that, let’s set some fresh new goals for the month! March Goals 2021 is here.

March Goals 2021

Improve Fitness;
More so, I need to continue being motivated. Towards the end of February I really fell off the ball with cycling every day but I 100% blame my brother for being at mine and distracting me the whole time – I also lay blame on Minnie who wants to be on my knee when I’m cycling and doesn’t sleep long enough for me to get cycling in as well as blog work.

Social Media;
I’ve kinda let social media take a bit of a back burner recently and that’s purely down to the lack of inspiration and unknowing of what direction I want to take things in. This always happens for me and it’s a friggin’ nightmare, to say the least.

Walk A Lot More;
Last month I didn’t get to walk as much as I’d have liked due to a multitude of reasons but hopefully, now the weather is clearing up more and more every day and the days are lasting longer, we will be able to get out and get some lovely strolls in, building up those miles walked.

What goals do you have this month? With Lockdown slowly coming to an end here in the UK we are getting a little bit more freedom and things are certainly looking up.

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