Minnie-Jean Turns 1

Minnie-Jean Turns 1

Happy Birthday, Minion. Gosh, Minnie-Jean turns 1!? A whole year ago I was in the hospital with my sister, Nicola pet sitting at home waiting for my turn to get my caesarean. At 2.07 pm Minnie entered the world and my life changed forever.

Minnie-Jean Turns 1

minnie-jean turns 1

I never expected to have a blue eyed baby, everyone said they’d more than likely turn brown (due to brown being the more dominant colour), however here we are a year later and her eyes are still as blue as ever. Her hair is also appearing to grow darker and she is also sporting some little curls too.

I’ve genuinely had the best year ever. Even despite Covid, it really has been a wonderful, exciting and joy filled year. She’s been a relatively easy baby and I’m looking forward to the challenges that come with raising a toddler and I’m sure she will make up for the easy baby years in the years to come!

Minnie is extremely independent, she loves to do things on her own and within her own time, like walking for example. Just before Christmas – no matter how much you tried to get her walking – she would just not do it. However we would see her, when she thought we weren’t watching walking from the middle of the room to the sofa every now and then and one day, she literally just got up and was walking fully.

She’s absolutely obsessed with Over The Moon on Netflix. I can’t even imagine how many times we’ve watched it over the past couple of weeks, she is obsessed with the film and the soundtrack.

It’s unfortunate that she’s joining the Lockdown birthday club, especially on her 1st birthday but luckily she won’t know and will know nothing off this god awful year in Lockdown that we’ve had.

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