Mothers Day Celebrations 2021- Week 11

Mothers Day Celebrations 2021- Week 11

Hello, you lovely lot. Here I come to tell you about the mothers day celebrations 2021 we got up to this week. Not that there was an awful lot of them, to be honest. I feel a lot for mothers day like I do valentines day. It’s just commercialised and I’d much rather not have to spend the extra cost, but obviously, I do. I will say that this year I didn’t get anything from Minnie for mothers day as I requested not to.

Mothers Day Celebrations 2020

mothers day celebrations 2021

So, we spent mothers day at my mum’s house. She’s my support bubble after all. It was nice to get out of the house and I guess cooking dinner with my sisters enabled me a bit of a break from being mum for a day, Stewart and my mum had to deal with her and that was fine by me. We then all sat down whilst dinner was cooking to play a board game as a family and we then after dinner played some games on the PlayStation. It was a pretty decent day to be fair but by 4 pm it felt like 8 pm and I was fully ready to be tucked up in bed.

The rest of the week was a blur, a big boring blur. I went to my mums on Wednesday I think it was to cut my week up a little bit but apart from that, I’ve done very little. If I’m remembering correctly actually, I think I went for a walk around the Bailgate on Tuesday with my brother and his girlfriend to get a bit of that natural vitamin D. That was actually really nice and very much needed.

Again though, this week I’ve been absolutely terrible at taking photographs, but there’s so very little to actually take photographs of, I’ve even been recycling old photographs from way back in the archives to post on my Instagram.

What did you get up to this week, did you have any mothers day celebrations 2021 and do you have anything interesting planned for the week ahead?

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