Moving House! A New Home For 2022

Moving House! A New Home For 2022

Moving house was something I was looking forward to for so long so why did a part of me feel sad leaving behind a house I hated so much?

We’ve been living in our new home for 3 weeks now and only just yesterday did we get wifi! So this is why you’re getting this update now and not sooner. (and because Christmas and New Year happened, obviously.) It’s weird you know, I absolutely hated our old house. I hated being in it. I hated the location, I hated how small and dingey it was and not to mention how much I detested the old woman next door to us. She’d literally call us – indirectly – hiding behind her fence obscene names to her dog whilst we were leaving the house with my little girl, however that quickly stopped when I made sure she heard me telling my daughter not to repeat those words. I really hope I shamed her.

Moving House

As much as I couldn’t wait to be out of that house, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness leaving it behind on the day of the move. This house had given us so many memories and seen us through many milestones. We’ve had babies in that house and lost furbabies too. So many memories inside 4 – very bloody solid – walls. I still think about it 3 weeks later, wondering if it’s still stood there alone or whether or not the buyers have started giving it the mass amount of TLC it deserves and most certainly needs. A part of me wishes I’d gone back to see it to hug it and say thanks. I’m currently trying not to tear up a little bit I’m baffled how much I miss a house that made me desperately unhappy. It was after all home for almost 10 years.

However, all that said, our new home is beautiful, it’s bright, spacey and just absolutely wonderful. Who knew we’d end up moving 15 miles to a town we were so adamant on staying away from and being so happy in a house we absolutely love? All of a sudden the town doesn’t at all seem that bad. Stewart’s moaned everyday about the amount of stairs he has to climb (it’s a 3 storey house) and I am a little obsessed with keeping the place clean and tidy but my motto is tidy house – tidy mind (within reason obviously with a toddler)

Ultimately though, we are all very happy in our new home. The cat’s are happier with the space and are actually all friends for once in their entire lives. The dogs are loosing their lockdown weight, Noah especially is looking extra trim. We’re still getting our footing and when we’ve got all our furniture sorted and we’re really properly settled in I shall treat you all to a house tour.

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5 thoughts on “Moving House! A New Home For 2022”

  • Congratulations on the move! It can be super stressful but is also a great way to start a new chapter/book. I loved your thoughts about your old place, I think we can all resonate with what you so beautifully described. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m missing the dogs greeting me as I come home and casper coming in for his supper lol.

    Hope you are happier in your new home. Xx

    • You’ll have to keep me informed on what’s going on. I think Caspar might be missing you too as he wont leave a certain spot in the house. Isn’t even interested in going outside. I’m sure J’s not missing the dogs! x

  • He used to run away from me but loved the food bowls lol. My new doors went on Thursday.
    J will find something else to whinge about now. Probably my music.

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