My Bullet Journal April 2021

My Bullet Journal April 2021

I’m going to admit, I hardly used my bullet journal in March. I found I had absolutely no motivation to do anything last month and I’m hoping this month I can do something to change that! So here is my Bullet Journal April 2021!

My Bullet Journal April 2021

my bullet journal april 2021

I’ve kept the sections quite small this time when doing my journal. I’ve lost all motivation with making it look pretty but this month I really tried and it’s a pathetic attempt but it’s better than last months to say the least!

I’ve left a lot out of my bullet journal this month, and that’s because I didn’t find joy in tracking it, like the sleep tracker and the mood tracker, it was just dull tracking it everyday – and my moods have been so up and down it just was not even worth documenting. One thing I didn’t want to stop doing though is writing a highlight for everyday. This has been an important thing over the last few months because it reminds me, on the bad days that life isn’t all bad.

I’ve started to watch 90210. I am currently (as writing this post) on episode 20 of season 1 and I am hooked and totally obsessed with how hot Liam is and if you’ve seen it, how bloody awesome is the soundtrack? I’ve synced it to my Spotify!

I’ve recently totally fallen off my active journey that I was on, I hope to really get back into that this month and if the sun keeps shining hard then I don’t think that, that will be that hard, especially walking outside. I am a serious sucker for being out and catching all the natural vitamin D!

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