My Bullet Journal For March 2021

My Bullet Journal For March 2021

Hello and welcome back to the third bullet journal post! Are you enjoying these posts? I found myself to be quite lazy with my journal towards the end of February so I’m hoping I can get to be more days with it again. So, let’s get into my bullet journal for March 2021.

My Bullet Journal For March 2021

I kept my journal quite simple this month. I didn’t go massively fancy nor did I really make the effort to put the effort into designing my pages. I found myself losing a lot of motivation in a few different areas in my life so, hopefully, it was just a phase of it and I can get back to being my motivated and organized self.

So, as you can see, I’ve gone very plain and mediocre on my March page designs for my bullet journal this month. I still kinda like them though, my favourite is the mood tracker page, the one with all the empty, colourless flowers. Depending on how colourful my moods are this month will determine how pretty that page is.

Admittedly, quite a few pages look like they’ve been designed by Minnie, but hopefully, your bullet journal might have a bit more professional artistry behind it than mine. My mother in law got me some calligraphy pens for my journalling, this was my first time using them, they’re quite tricky to get used to so, but hopefully in the future they will enable me to create some really tastey titles for my pages.

Do you keep a bullet journal, if so, what do you use yours for?

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