My Daily Routine Toddler Edition

My Daily Routine Toddler Edition

Hey & Welcome to my daily routine toddler edition. Before I had Minnie so many people would tell me I’d not have time for cleaning and getting myself ready in the morning, let alone blogging and exercising. I admit that some day’s it’s a struggle and I don’t have time to fit in everything I’d like to do without a needy toddler following me around.

My Daily Routine Toddler Edition

daily routine toddler edition

The day starts anywhere between 6:30 am and 7 am. Minnie will make sure we know she’s awake by shaking her cot and we will grab her, make her milk and my coffee and sit together on the sofa and wake up with our drinks. She will then get off my knee, run around and pick out some books or her favourite toy for us to play with together.

Roughly an hour later, between 8 and 8:30 am I put her in her highchair in the kitchen and give her her breakfast, whilst she’s eating her breakfast I will do the dishes and laundry. I let her have a free run of the house (bungalow) when she’s finished her breakfast and I’ll potter around too either with the hoover or doing little odd jobs around the home whilst she is squealing with pure excitement running from room to room.

11 am brings us to nap time. Sometimes she can’t hold out that long and will conk out around 10:30 am. Whilst she naps I’ll use that time to do a workout and catch up with blog work and something good on the TV. The downside to that is that nap time flys by and before I know it she is awake and needing food.

12:30 pm we have Lunch. After lunch is done, we play some more. I like to try and give her things to do that will challenge her and help her build up her senses. Sometimes we play in flour, she loves making flour castles and digging and finding objects hidden in the flour, we may paint or we will get her tent out and ball pool, play hide and seek or maybe even play chase, that’s her favourite, especially when the dogs get involved.

Around 2:30 we have a snack followed by a Youtube marathon of her favourite songs. This gets her testing out her best dance moves and entertains me greatly when she comes out with a new one that we’ve not yet seen. She also loves a good sing along. Eventually, she will get bored and more than likely will want to watch Moana or read books with me.

5:00 pm it’s Dinner time! We sit and enjoy our dinner with Daddy, she loves her dinner time chats with Stewart so much, I’m not sure he loves how messy he gets in the process but it’s all part of the fun. Then, one of them will cleans up the aftermath whilst the other baths the child.

daily routine toddler edition

5:45 pm Minnie has her trip to the bubbles in the tub. She ADORES bath time.

6:30 pm takes us to bedtime. We give her warm milk in her bottle and she settles on the sofa, with cuddles and will go to bed and usually straight to sleep in her bed. (Occasionally, we will have a few paddies because she’s overtired!)

Once Minnie is settled and fast asleep in bed, that gives me and Stewart time to ourselves. We’re not really a romantic type so we spend our time together how we like to the most, and that’s doing our own thing in the same room. I’ll paint, play games on my switch, blog or will journal. Stewart will game, do some weird stock’s stuff on his phone or will do something nerdy.

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