My Gratitude Journal – How It Helps My Mental Health

My Gratitude Journal – How It Helps My Mental Health

My gratitude journal is a notebook that I received as a Christmas present from my Stepmum and dad. It’s absolutely stunning so I wanted to make sure that I used it for something other than just lists and notes so I thought of the perfect job for it.

My Gratitude Journal

I started this journal on the 19th of January. I needed to do something that helped get me out of a dark slump. I’ve written in it every day apart from the odd one or 2.

I love writing, feeling a pen on a piece of paper is just one of my deepest loves, nothing relaxes me more. I love the fact that every evening I sit and do my bullet journal so adding this gratitude journal into the mix of my evening regime as well means I get to chill for that extra minute or 2.

I think it’s super benefitting to write something you’re grateful for every day because even on the bad days you’re forced to think of something good that happened to you on that day and that means the bad things are pushed to the back of your mind and you forget them for a while.

my gratitude journal

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives, more so than positives, we don’t know why we humans do it but we do. Since starting my gratitude journal I’ve had much more motivation in my day to day life to stay active and fight my way through the tough days because of it.

It’s quite literally changed my life since starting my gratitude journal and I would 150% suggest that you start one today too.

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