Snap Back To Reality // This Week We…

Hello and welcome back to the blog. It’s been a strange week, having to snap back to reality from our holiday in wales really did come with a slap to the face. It took until Thursday for me to actually get my brain back into our daily routine. Minnie settled back into it pretty well, Stewart came back ill but […]

Pregnancy Journals – 31-35 Weeks

There’s not really a huge deal to report to you for this pregnancy journal. Symptoms are not changing apart from the need to eat sand is getting progressively worse. I get test’s at the midwife and I’m not even lacking any vitamins or anything like that so it really is a mystery, people aren’t surprised when they find out I […]

A Week Away In Wales // This Week We

Welcome back, amigos. How are we all doing? I’ve got quite a bit to tell you about! As you may have noticed the blog has been a little more quiet than usual and that’s because last week we took a holiday to Wales, to surprise my dad for his 50th Birthday. It was a top-secret for a good year and […]

Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks.

Hello and Welcome back to another Pregnancy Journals post, pregnancy journals 27-30 weeks! and officially in the third trimester. I am so excited to be in the last stretch because I feel like a very round, immobile weeble wobble. Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks 27 weeks; I upped my medication this week. I am now currently taking 100mg of Sertraline. I […]

A Week Full Of Fun // This Week We…

Hi, how ya doing? It’s been a pretty good week, Minnie has been amused for most of it and even managed to avoid a nap on one day this week, which she’s not up until this week been able to achieve no matter how hard she’s tried. This week has been a week full of fun! A Week Full Of […]

A Whole Lot Of Learning. // This Week We…

Good morning. This week has been incredibly long but has been full of a whole lot of learning. Usually, my week is broken up by my mum coming to get me and Minnie and we spend a few hours at hers. Minnie loves it because she gets to play with people other than me who she sees all the time […]

Life Update 03/08/2021

Hello! I stopped writing my weekly posts, I don’t know if you noticed but every week was beginning to be the same and I was struggling to write them. I love updating you guys regularly, I enjoy the method of reflecting on my week and seeing it back. So for now, here’s a life update, to keep you up to […]

10 Things I Miss From Childhood – Pt 1

Childhood. We hated being a child back then but there comes a time when you’re really wishing those days would come back for more reasons than one. I’ve got 10 things I miss from childhood that made it so carefree and fun. There’s more, and they will be coming in a part two so stay tuned for that! 10 Things […]

Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks

Hello and here we are. Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks has arrived and I can’t quite believe how slow this pregnancy is going. I’m pretty sure it’s the fact I’m uncomfortable and struggling to do day-to-day tasks that are making it drag so much but I’m sure before I know it, our little man will be here causing havoc along with […]

18 Month Update – All About Minnie-Jean

A year and a half of Minnie, Our firstborn little girl. I’m honestly absolutely flabbergasted about the fact that the whole of her life has been spent in some kind of isolation or lockdown period, with her being only 2 months old when Boris lead us into a fully-fledged national lockdown, how mad is that? Let’s get to the 18-month […]