What I Saw Weekly

It’s a beautiful crisp sunny Saturday morning today, I’m currently battling my third cold within a month and I am certainly feeling positively sorry for myself.  *sigh* I’ve decided to move my ‘Weekly Sights’ posts over to this blog. The reason for this being my what was ‘photography’ blog now acts more as a professional website than a blog. I’ve […]

Christmas Has Arrived!

It’s that time of year again, I don’t even know how. It seems like only yesterday that I was packing my Christmas tree back into the loft ready to start a brand new year and now we’re coming to the end of that year? WHAT?! It’s always been a thing for my family to trim up early November and we […]

Mentis Salutem

It’s been a while since I last posted. There are reasons for that though. Life has been hard these last few weeks, I’ve kind of kept it on the low down because nobody needs my problems to add on to their own. My mental state has been dismal and I’ve just wanted to be on my own, not speak to […]

Life Update & Loosing a Pet

I have had the most draining and emotional week I have had in a very long time. I’ve had an equal share of ups and downs however the downs have completely outweighed the ups.   Me and Stewart adopted a bunny, Harley. Unfortunately, there were some pretty nasty rabbit fights between her and Olive that we had to rehome her. […]

◈ The Last Weekly Update 08/10/17

Thank goodness it’s finally October. I have been so bad with the blog posts lately and I do apologize about that, however, I have needed the time to get my shit together and just get my head straight. There’s not a great amount to update you on since our last chat asides from the fact that I graduated this week! […]

My Opinions On Divorce

Coping with divorce can be hard. I’ve only ever experienced divorce from second person view, never have I actually been through a divorce myself so I couldn’t possibly know the emotional struggles of the couples involved. My parent’s divorced when I was 8 years old following on from that my mum has been through a second divorce and is currently […]

◈ A Double Weekly Update…

Firstly, sorry there has been lack of postage on this blog lately. I feel like I haven’t stopped for five minutes to take a bit of time for myself, to look after myself and do the things I love the most; that being blogging and taking photographs.  I’m basically forcing myself to write this because let’s be honest my blog […]