Poorly and Stranded – Week 12

Poorly and Stranded – Week 12

This week has been a stressful one for sure. We’ve had a poorly babe, we found ourselves stranded over half way to Gainsborough by the side of the road and I ended up catching Minnie’s cold!

Poorly and Stranded

poorly and stranded

This week has been an absolute exhausting one. Tuesday night Minnie showed signs of developing a cold, Obviously as well during the current climate you can imagine the panic that set in when you’re trying to work out whether you need a Covid test or not!

She got worse before she got better, we had a tough night with her where she was shivering and then vomited, after that she just ended up insanely bunged up, snotty and sounded like she’d been smoking 50 a day.

We managed to get her out for a bit of fresh air which I’m pretty sure she adored, she made so many friends with dogs. At one point she actually had 5 dogs run up to her in the space of 5 minutes. She was in her element.

Luckily, I had my sister come stay with me during the week to help me with Minnie because distributing medicine and wiping noses was not easy solo. After a few days my sister and I started to feel rotten too, however it didn’t hit us as bad as it did Minnie.

Sunday we had to drop my sister back home – she’s my support bubble with my mum if any of you are actually sat there saying “you shouldn’t be seeing anyone” but on our way back to Gainsborough our car decided to cut power and we ended up stranded at the side of a road. NIGHTMARE. Luckily we were only 4 miles away from Gainsborough and mum was able to come to the rescue pretty quickly, she then cooked us a banging home made pizza.

Mum then drove us home, and we were able to have a chilled evening once we managed to settle our poorly little bean.

What have you been up to this week?

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