Post-Lockdown Plans

Post-Lockdown Plans

Lockdown #3 is hopefully coming to an end pretty soon and I am counting down the days, I’ve started really laying down Post-Lockdown Plans for when the day comes that we’re allowed to do more things.

Post-Lockdown Plans

post-lockdown plans

First thing’s first – Rule of 6 is back in a couple of days and I’m so excited to be able to see more members of my family. I don’t even care if it’s pissing it down with rain, I am sitting in their gardens and catching up with them whether they like it or not. Grandparents and Dad, I’m coming for you.

Then on the 12th April, PRIMARK opens and I’m probably secretly the most excited about that because I am in desperate need of some new clothing. Before the 3rd lockdown I had a mass clothing clear out and due to not knowing what size I am, I don’t tend to do online shopping because I’m useless at it, I know what sizes fit me in Primark so I look forward to going to spend and arm and a leg in there on both Minnie and Myself.

I am also looking forward to getting out and visiting places that aren’t 10-15 minutes away from my home. I am desperate to go to the seaside and peak district. I am in desperate need of soaking up some well needed country fresh air and taking loads of photographs with my hopefully my by then fixed camera.

What are your plans for after lockdown? Let me know in the comment’s below.

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