Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks

Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks

Hello and here we are. Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks has arrived and I can’t quite believe how slow this pregnancy is going. I’m pretty sure it’s the fact I’m uncomfortable and struggling to do day-to-day tasks that are making it drag so much but I’m sure before I know it, our little man will be here causing havoc along with his big sister in no time.

Pregnancy Journals 23-26 Weeks

Heart Burn, holy moly I was dreading the return of the heartburn anyway because I vividly remember just how bad I had it with Minnie and this one is no different so far. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and milk is my best of best friends at the moment. GIVE ME ALL THE MILK.

I’ve also in this time period been hit with a mega cold. Nobody around us actually had a cold so I can only imagine that Minnie picked it up from soft play, she got hit with it first and then inevitably we got it too. Covid tests were taken and were negative, but the cold took a hot minute to shift and we were all still pretty bunged up a week later. It was not pleasant.

I also can’t emphasize how hard it is for me to get things from off of the floor at the moment either and I know ultimately that it’s not going to get better for me any time this side of a baby being here. This is extremely frustrating as Minnie likes to throw her toys on the floor far and wide and I have to go round picking them up when she’s done playing.

My mental health has been very bad during this period as well. I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustration in multiple areas of my life. The biggest being I am so eager to nest. It’s something I never really experienced with Minnie but this time It’s here and it’s here with force. It’s hard to talk about how you’re feeling in certain areas too when people tend to put your feelings down to pregnancy. I am 150% certain that all of my thoughts and feelings are not there because of my pregnancy hormones. I have written a blog post, one that I’m very sceptical about posting but I know will be really helpful to do so. If not for me, but for others too.

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