Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks.

Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks.

Hello and Welcome back to another Pregnancy Journals post, pregnancy journals 27-30 weeks! and officially in the third trimester. I am so excited to be in the last stretch because I feel like a very round, immobile weeble wobble.

Pregnancy Journals 27-30 Weeks

27 weeks; I upped my medication this week. I am now currently taking 100mg of Sertraline. I mentioned in my previous pregnancy journals that my mental health was quite bad and it was time to take action and as I am writing this now, feeling much more clearer minded I am so happy I did, but at the time it took a long time for the meds to actually kick in. I also had what at the time I thought was very bad Braxton hicks, I felt sick with the pain and struggled to walk home from the shop easily but having spoken with my midwife; we came to the conclusion it was actually something a little more worrying.

28 weeks; 28-week midwife appointment, belly got measured, everything was of perfect size, weight is looking good for me, she stole my blood and tested my pee. We also had a chat about the prior weeks pains and she was fairly certain that it was premature labour. Due to stress in the family and current moving woes I had alongside my very unstable mental state and neurotic outbursts, it was most likely that I’d worked myself up so much that I’d put myself into early labour. We are all very thankful that I got home and chilled out so that it went off. and due to my meds kicking in, I’ve been much more relaxed and not experienced anything since.

29 Weeks; My brother tested positive for Covid this week which put me in a bit of paranoia because Minnie had also gained a cold at this point. We all tested however and we were free of it and my brother was the only unlucky one to actually have it. He was fine though despite having to isolate. This week I was able to go out on my own three times – granted it was just in the street with Minnie but still, it’s been years since I’ve been able to leave the house on my own even just for a trip up and down the street. I think it helped massively to see how much Minnie was actually enjoying being out of the house and exploring the outdoors around her.

pregnancy journals 27-30 weeks pregnant

30 Weeks; Jesus Christ, who in the world made Heartburn a thing? It’s not as bad as it was when I was pregnant with Minnie but it’s bad enough to cause me some kind of disruption to my sleep. I’ve been drinking milk like it’s been coming out of my earholes. I’ve also gained a craving, I thought sponge was bad. This time I am seriously craving sand. I want the texture and taste in my mouth and thinking about it gives me serious drooling. I am literally doing everything in my power at the moment as well to itch my nesting scratch. Obviously, because we are moving house I can’t get the new baby’s room sorted or get Minnie settled into her own room before the baby arrives – because I certainly don’t want two children in my room. I am trying to sort everything and anything in my path but it’s not really itching the itch. It’s working a bit and keeps the mind healthy enough to not lose my marbles but not enough to ease the urge. Lets hope I don’t do it and go into early labour – again.

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